Is the Moon Artificial?

who built the artificial moon


Is the Moon a Natural Satellite of Earth?


The Human Race has certainly come a long way since it slithered out of the primordial soup of an evolving planet, some half a million years ago, intelligent robot droids have been sent to Mars and human beings have (allegedly) walked on the surface of the Moon.

Yet the understanding of how our nearest neighbour in the vastness of space came into being, has been the subject of much debate between scientists and conspiracy theorists alike.

When scientists are unable to accurately predict the solution to any particular problem, they basically take a guess, this is known as a theory and often when a theory is repeated often enough and forcibly enough, it somehow turns into a fact, no matter how misguided this so called fact may be.

The Big Bang Theory, which attempts to explain how the universe first came into being, is one such guess that nowadays seems to be regarded as fact, simply because the scientific community has no real idea how the universe formed so basically the Big Bang Solution, will do, for now.


the Big Whack and Double Whack Theory


A similar attempt to describe how the Moon first came into being, the Big Whack Theory has not been as readily accepted however. The thinking behind this idea is that the Earth was struck by a massive object, possibly another planet, early on in its formation, this apparently tore a huge chunk out of the Earth which became trapped in the planets gravitational pull and thus the Moon was born.

Unfortunately this idea has more holes in it than the proverbial Swiss Cheese (no, the Moon isn’t made of cheese, smart ass), as this sort of massive collision would have sent the Earth spiralling out of control, into the far flung depths of deep space.

To counter this scientists put forward the idea of a secondary impact but this time from the opposite direction, this is not widely talked about however because it just verges on the ridiculous and appears to be ever so slightly clutching at straws.


How was the Moon made?


When conventional science fails to come up with rational explanations, it opens the door for more unconventional and some may say eccentric views to be put forward.

However it is important that these opinions are not dismissed out of hand, just because an idea seems radically different to the norm, it does not mean that it lacks plausibility, if it wasn’t for free thinking individuals who refused to toe the official line, we would all probably still believe that the world was flat.

British authors and historical researchers Christopher Knight and Alan Butler are two free thinking individuals, who have put forward a rather radical explanation as to why the Earth is joined at the hip by the biggest satellite in our galaxy.

The two authors believe it is not a naturally occurring phenomena but a manufactured, finely engineered marvel of epic proportions, yes this theory does seem rather ‘out there’ but then again so does the Double Whack Theory, so before you dismiss this entirely, read the rather peculiar Moon facts that follow.


Earth, Sun and Moon Facts


The Moon is 1/400th the size of the Sun and occupies a position in space that is 1/400th closer to the Earth than the Sun, this incredible coincidence allows for the phenomenon known as a solar eclipse, which is unique to the Earth, Sun, Moon relationship.

The Moon miraculously mimics the movements of the Sun, when the Sun rises in the South, the Moon sets in the North and when the Sun sets in the North the Moon rises in the South, there is no rule of mathematics or physics to explain why this should happen and appears to be a very odd circumstance that has no explanation.

Irwin Shapiro of the Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics, stated that “the best explanation for the Moon was observational error, it cannot exist”.

Earth’s Moon is the only known moon in the solar system that has a nearly perfect circular orbit, stranger still because its centre of mass is closer to the Earth than its geometric centre, it should wobble as it orbits the Earth but it doesn’t.


Who Built the Moon? – the Book

by Christopher Knight & Alan Butler


For more in depth and fascinating discussion about how our mysterious Moon came into being, you must read ‘Who Built the Moon’ by Chris Knight and Alan Butler.

The mathematics and ratios surrounding the Earth, Sun and Moon relationship are incredible and so accurate that they form the basis of ancient and modern units of measurement.

An absorbing, well researched read that you simply cannot put down as it leads you chapter by chapter to a terrifying conclusion.

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David Icke’s Hollow Moon Theory – Video


Another author who has been studying the peculiarities of Earth’s only satellite is David Icke, if you are not familiar with David’s work then you should be, he is probably one of the best known conspiracy theorists in the world.

Ridiculed mercilessly at the start of his career, people are now waking up and taking notice of his ideas on why the world is like it is.

David has recently completed a sell out, world wide arena tour, where he discussed, amongst other things, Earth’s peculiar relationship with the Moon and came to his own conclusions as to why the Moon is there and what it’s doing.



Human Race Get Off Your Knees

the book by David Icke


You can find out more of David Ickes findings by reading his latest book, entitled ‘Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More.’

A fascinating, thought provoking read, that will hopefully stimulate your imagination and open up your mind to a wealth of possibilities.


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