Top Selling Robot Story Books for Children

robot story books for kids

Children of all ages have always been fascinated by stories about robots, often sparking a long term interest in science and technology. However, in days gone bye the robot was firmly rooted in the world of science fiction, nowadays for children growing up in the digital age robots are quickly becoming science fact and an understanding of how robots work and what they do will be an essential skill in the very near future.

Introduce your child to the amazing world of robotics, with our selection of the best robot story books for children, guaranteed to stimulate their imagination and familiarise them with the technology that will be their future.


Robots, Robots, Everywhere

Sue Fliess and Bob Staake


robots robots everywhere book


Not large in size but definitely big on content, Robots, Robots Everywhere, written by Sue Fliess and expertly illustrated by award winning artist Bob Staake, gently introduces children to the work robots are doing for humans today.

Suitable for children aged 2-5 years old, who will love the rhyming text, (especially if read in a robotic voice) and the beautifully crafted illustrations of robots in space and around the home and everywhere in-between.


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No-Bot the Robot with No Bottom

Sue Hendra


no-bot the robot with no bottom


For guaranteed giggles, this quirky robotic tale from top selling children’s author Sue Hendra, about a robot who loses his bottom ticks all the right boxes.

Simple to read, very entertaining and highly amusing, with bright colourful illustrations which perfectly complement the story, No-bot the robot with no bottom is destined to become a favourite bed time story for all robot loving little boys and girls aged two years and up.


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Robot Rumpus

Sean Taylor and Ross Collins


robot rumpus


Looking after small children can be an exhausting experience for parents, so what if you could buy a robot who could cook them dinner? Do the washing up? Give them a bath? Put them to bed and read a bed time story?

Well of course you would go out for the evening and leave your precious offspring in the capable hands of modern technology, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, Robot Rumpus written by Sean Taylor and superbly illustrated by Ross Collins, explains some of the pitfalls of putting too much trust in modern robotics, in this highly original, hilarious robot story book for children aged from four to nine years old.


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Pete the Cat: Robo-Pete

James Dean


pete the cat robo-pete


The latest addition to the best selling Pete the Cat series by acclaimed author and artist James Dean, heralds the introduction of Robo-Pete, a high tech facsimile of our favourite feline.

Built by Pete himself Robo-Pete has been programmed to always want to play the same games as Pete, but can this robotic playmate really replace Pete’s life long friends?

Comes complete with free stickers, suitable for children aged 4 and up.


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Boy and Bot

Ame Dyckman and Dan Yaccarino


boy and bot book


A love of robots is almost hard wired into the brains of young children, so when a little boy meets a bright red robot in the forest they are destined to be friends forever.

Well, that is until the robot suffers a slight malfunction that causes concern and confusion for everyone involved, fortunately a crazy inventor rescues the day, before things get totally out of hand.

An endearing, captivating robot story for boys and girls aged 2-5 years.


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