Hidden Home Security Cameras

hidden spy camera


Protecting our home and family is the number one priority for most people, however, it has not always been possible to safeguard them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, due to work and other commitments, until now that is, thanks to the emergence of hidden home security cameras.

A busy lifestyle combined with children or elderly relatives to care for, means that we have to put our trust in child minders or carers to look after our loved ones in our absence, unfortunately allowing relatively unknown people into our homes presents something of a risk to their well being and our peace of mind.

Thankfully, largely due to advances in modern camera technology and superior smart phone and wifi capabilities, it is now possible to monitor our homes remotely or to record everything that happens and review the footage upon our return.


Hidden Cameras and the Law


Laws regarding hidden surveillance cameras vary from country to country and state to state in the USA. Generally speaking it is not illegal to install such a device, if there is a legitimate reason for doing so.

However, installing a hidden video camera in areas where people expect a reasonable level of privacy, for example in bedrooms, bathrooms and changing areas is strictly prohibited.

Please note that surreptitiously recording audio has different restrictions to video recording, if in any doubt please take legal advice before installing hidden surveillance equipment in your home or place of business.

For further information on the legal implications of using hidden surveillance equipment, please refer to this article.


Covert Alarm Clock with Hidden Camera


alarm clock with hidden camera


Designed to look like a stylish conventional digital radio alarm clock, this innocuous little device actually conceals a High Definition video camera, perfect for use as a ‘nanny cam’ to monitor and protect vulnerable bed bound patients, or to simply record unwanted visitors to your private sleeping area.

This affordable, hidden, alarm clock spy security and surveillance camera also supports motion detection and is fully wi-fi enabled, allowing high quality video to be streamed remotely to your smart phone or tablet or other wi-fi enabled device, even in low light conditions.


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Hidden Spy Camera Smoke Detector


hidden camera smoke detector


Smoke alarms are common place in homes and offices around the world nowadays and as such no one gives them a second glance, however, this cunning little gadget conceals a hidden camera that can monitor your home or work premises remotely through any Android or iPhone IOS enabled device.

Guaranteed not to arouse suspicion, this hidden camera smoke alarm can monitor your property all day long thanks to its convenient memory full overwrite feature and support for any micro SD card up to 64GB.

Please note due to the internal sophistication of this product it does not detect smoke and cannot be used as a conventional smoke detector.


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WiFi Enabled Wall Clock with Covert Camera


wifi enabled wall clock


This attractive looking wall clock wouldn’t look out of place in any modern home but beneath it’s charming exterior lurks sophisticated video and audio recording technology.

Boasting an impressive video resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels and the ability to record audio in the WAV format, this wall clock will not only tell you the time but will stream high resolution video and audio directly to your smart phone or other wi-fi enabled device, allowing you to monitor your home and loved ones in real time.

A discreet, easy to set up home surveillance device that will offer peace of mind and security all year round at a price that is hard to beat.


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Hidden Home Security Camera Captures Home Invasion Live over the Internet



After suffering a burglary a Boynton Beach, Florida home owner decided to install a hidden surveillance camera to monitor her home in her absence and captured a real time home invasion, live through her wifi connected smart device.

The victim was at work at the time of the incident but was monitoring her home remotely through a video monitor when she witnessed the break in.

The distressed victim managed to call the police and described the incident to officers while witnessing events in real time, thankfully due to her prompt response the two burglars were surrounded at the scene and apprehended.

Unfortunately break in’s such as this are all too common place but thanks to modern technology any one can now set up a sophisticated video surveillance system using relatively cheap components, take control of your home and your family’s safety, install a hidden home security camera today.