Best DIY Home Automation Starter Kits

Knowing where to start is the key ingredient for the DIY ‘home automator’, with so many systems and add ons available from numerous manufacturers it is easy to be drowned in a sea of uncertainty and incompatibility.

The simplest place to begin your home automation adventure is to invest in one of the many Home Automation Starter Kits available to buy today, as most starter kits contain that all important ‘Hub’, (which will become the brain of your system) and enough remote controlled, device add ons to get you started.

Once your system is up and running and you have mastered the basics, it is simply a matter of adding to the system as and when your time and budget allows.


HomeWizard DIY Home Automation Kit

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homewizard smart automation starter kit


The HomeWizard Home Automation Kit addresses the two main problems associated with home automation, namely compatibility and affordability.

Conceived in the Netherlands at the European Space Agency (ESA), as part of the Agency’s innovative incubation program, the product is now available to buy in the United Kingdom and has the ability to link together numerous cheap home automation products, available from a wide range of different manufacturers.

The kit contains everything you need to build a decent automated home, straight out of the box, including an Elro IP Camera, for remote home security, three remote sockets, a Wireless Thermometer and a smoke alarm, all controlled and monitored through the included central hub, which you can control remotely through your smart phone or tablet, via the free home automation app.


HomeWizard UK Demonstration Video



Please note that this product is available exclusively from, however the app is not compatible with the Amazon Kindle Fire range of tablets, only Android and iOS compatible devices.


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Insteon Home Automation Starter Kit


insteon starter kit


Insteon is a name that has become synonymous with home automation, boasting over twenty years experience, they now have over two hundred smart products available, allowing the smart home enthusiast to automate just about every part of their domestic habitat.

The Insteon Starter Kit comprises of a hub which connects directly to your home wi-fi system and two plug-in dimmer modules, which allow for easy control of your homes lighting needs.

It would have been nice to see a few more devices included in the kit but extra components are freely available at most major retailers, so expanding your home automation system shouldn’t be a problem.

With a proven track record of reliability and easy connectivity, you won’t go far wrong with an Insteon.


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Belkin Wemo Home Automation

Switch with Motion Sensor Bundle for Apple and Android Devices


belkin wemo kit


If you are searching for a plug and play solution to home automation, the Belkin Switch could be just what your looking for.

This innocuous little gadget simply plugs into any domestic plug socket and then allows you to control whatever you plug into that, through the free WeMo App, simples.

Utilising your existing WiFi connection the app allows your smart device to control lighting, domestic appliances, home entertainment systems and so much more.

The Belkin Wemo Home Automation Starter Kit, also comes with a handy little motion sensor which you can set up to turn on lights when a room is entered or to notify you when motion is detected in your home, when you are out and about or at work.

Simple home automation with unlimited possibilities.


Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion – Demonstration Video



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