Sex Robots – the Fact and the Fiction

sex robot facts

The sex industry has always been at the forefront of technology, the ability to watch pornographic movies at home was at the heart of the video revolution, fuelling sales of Betamax and VHS video recorders all over the world.

DVD was next and pornographers exploited this medium to the hilt and when the Internet with the ability to download movies was in its infancy, the sex industry pioneered an on-line payment system, which was quickly adopted by other mainstream merchants and the on-line shopping revolution was born.

It is not unreasonable then to presume that sex will be a major driving force, as mankind attempts to play God and create realistic, humanoid robots in his or her own image, who will naturally obey our every command, wish or desire.


Sexy Robots in the Movies

In the world of fantasy and fiction, the idea of sex robots has fuelled the imagination of many writers, artists and movie directors, making the synthetic skinned love machines an object of desire for many a frustrated human.

So to get you in the mood, here are a few of our favourite, sexiest, celluloid android type love machines:


Maria from Metropolis


Maria from Metropolis

One of the first anthropomorphic female robots ever to appear on the silver screen was Maria, from Fritz Lang’s dystopian masterpiece Metropolis.

Made in 1927 the film depicts a rather distasteful future, where Maria with her unfeeling, uncaring nature runs amok in a city where the rich/poor divide has reached its natural cataclysmic conclusion.

Ahead of its time on so many levels, Metropolis gave us the first femme fatale robot ever seen and opened the door to the idea of human/robot sexual relationships.


West World’s Sex Bots


west world saloon girls

The 1973 movie West World was billed as a Sci-Fi action, adventure movie but there is little doubt that the guests at this $1,000 a night futuristic pleasure park, had more than their fair share of carnal delights with their robotic hosts.

The theme park contained three worlds Medieval World, Roman World and Western World, all three environments were in part inhabited by the 304 series pleasure botts, whose sole purpose was to tend to their customers every need.

The 304 appeared in the movie as saloon girls, serving wenches, and most relevant to this article whores and indeed two of the movies main characters played by Richard Benjamin and James Brolin, are clearly seen escorting the sex botts to their boudoir and engaging in sexual activity with the artificial cat-house girls.


The Stepford Wives


stepford wives movie sex bots

Hot on the heels of West World came the 1975 horror/thriller the Stepford Wives, which expanded on the relationship between human and robot and took it to a whole new level.

The female human was rendered obsolete by their robot counterparts, who were perfect in every respect, well until things went horribly wrong, which is kind of inevitable in this type of disaster flick.

The film was remade and released as a comedy in 2003, starring Nicole Kidman as an investigative reporter, who discovers that the stunningly attractive all too feminine wives of Stepford, are indeed too good to be true.


Where can I buy a Sex Robot?

According to British artificial intelligence researcher Dr. David Levy, in a few decades romance between robots and humans will be a common thing, Dr. Levy is completely convinced that within the next forty years people will be falling in love with robots and possibly even marrying them.

The first robot mate is already in full scale production, Roxxxy America’s first sex robot can talk and sense touch, artificial intelligence engineer Doug Hines believes that he has created the perfect alternative for those, who for different reasons can’t or are too busy, or maybe even too lazy to connect romantically with other human beings.


Roxxxy the Worlds first Sex-Bott

The whole idea of humans having sex with a robot has naturally attracted scorn and ridicule from the mainstream media but in Japan, where they take robotics very seriously, every new model created looks even more lifelike.

With the surge of interest in human looking robots, psychologists have warned that robots could transform human notions of love and sexuality forever.


Realistic Female Robots from Japan

would ya?



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His book provokes many questions concerning consciousness and emotions, in both our own species and our artificial creations.

A must read book for roboticist’s and fans of science fact.


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