Robot USB Flash Drive

A USB Flash Drive is an essential piece of kit nowadays, vital for backing up and transporting valuable data from one location to another. But would you trust your all important files and photo’s to just any old flash drive?

No, what you need is a robot to protect your personal information, a robot USB flash drive is strong and robust, looks great and could be the coolest computer accessory known to man.

We have sourced some of the best Robot USB Flash Drives available to buy today, at a price even you can afford, treat yourself or the geek in your life to a memorable, practical gift, that they will cherish forever.


Android Robot USB Flash Drive

available in 2gb, 4gb, 8gb, 16gb, 32gb and 64gb models


android robot usb flash drive

Build yourself an army of data storage Android Robot’s and show your Apple owning friends, that Androids are way cooler.

Available to buy in any colour you fancy, with various storage capacities ranging from a cute 2gb model up to an enormous 64gb behemoth of a robot.

Show the world your allegiance to the Android and be proud my friend, be very proud.


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Star Wars C3PO and R2D2 Robot USB Flash Drive

by Tribe


star wars c3po and r2d2 usb flash drives


Probably two of the most famous robots in cinematic history, C3PO and R2D2 are mechanical icons, known the world over and instantly recognisable.

For the first time ever their image has now been immortalised, in the form of a high capacity, highly detailed novelty memory stick.

How could any Star War fan or robot collector not love these? Available in 8gb and 16gb models and sure to become a highly sought after collectable of the future.


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Gold Robot USB Memory Stick


gold robot usb flash drive


A touch of Gold will add class and value to anything but a Gold Robot? Well, that’s just awesome.

Available in a variety of memory options, this little gold robot cannot fail to impress, the perfect gift for the computer nerd who has everything.

Grab one today before they sell out and protect your personal data in style.


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Iron Man Marvel The Avengers Flash Drive


iron man usb flash drive

Yes, we know he’s not a proper robot, it’s just Tony Stark in an iron suit but he looks like a robot and he is one of the coolest super hero’s of all time, so that’s good enough for us to include him in this round up of Robot USB Flash Drives.

The new Avengers movie ‘The Age of Ultron’ is all about a psycho robot taking over the world, so let Iron Man secure and protect your personal data from the imminent robot uprising, you know it makes sense, ’nuff said.


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