Cool Robot Lamps for Kids and Adults

A Robot Lamp is a must have accessory for any robot themed kids bedroom and a great conversation piece for more sophisticated, tech minded adults.

The Artificial Brain working with data collected from its subservient shopping drones, has uncovered the best robot lamps available to buy today, from cute night lights for children to more artistic creations for adults who like to be a little more original in their choice of home decor.

Let a robot protect your children from the dark bringing forth light were there was once only darkness, as the robots rise from the gloom and illuminate your drab human existence in a way never seen before.


Children’s Multi coloured LED Robot Night Light


robot multi coloured led night light


Functional, cute and stylish, this Multi coloured LED Robot Night Light from Aloka is the perfect night time companion for children of all ages.

Featuring a huge array of functions including multi colour mode, simply press the rainbow button on the included remote controller to gently cycle through twelve impressive LED colours.

Also built in is a cool dimmer function allowing access to four levels of brightness, including Side Lamp Mode which is ideal for reading those robot inspired bed time stories.

A timer function completes the range of remotely controlled features, gradually reducing the lamps brightness and switching itself off after an hour, ensuring a peaceful nights sleep.


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Rechargeable Intelligent LED Robot Lamp


rechargeable led robot lamp


This amazing little robot lamp is packed full of state of the art sensors allowing it to light up automatically when a room gets dark, or depending on your preferences turn on and off just by the sound of your voice or by clapping your hands.

Great fun for children and a practical energy saving device for any room in the house, totally rechargeable and portable so can be positioned anywhere without the limitations of a cord or plug socket.


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Metal Robot Touch Desk Lamp


metal robot touch lamp


When technology and art collide the result is an impressive heavy metal robot lamp, functional yet strangely alluring, this outstanding table lamp fashioned from industrial grade metal weighing in at 2.6kg and standing tall at an awesome 30cm is ideal for bedrooms and sitting areas alike and is sure to be the main topic of conversation for anyone who comes face to face with this robotic sculpture.

Simply touch any metal part to adjust the brightness from low level to high intensity, a fun and eco-friendly lead free painted robot desk lamp that will command attention wherever it is placed.


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Robot USB Computer Lamp


robot usb computer lamp


Perfect for illuminating your computer keyboard when the light starts to fade, this USB powered little robot features a flexible 30cm cable that can be bent into any position for the perfect viewing angle.

Light weight, portable and incredibly inexpensive, this cute robot lamp can also double up as a reading or night light by simply plugging into any available USB outlet.

The perfect gift for any robot or computer geek at a pocket money price you can’t ignore, a great stocking filler.


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