Cool Robotic Gifts

Welcome to the Robot Gift Shop, the only place on the Internet that loves robot’s as much as you do.

The robot gift shop specialises in those hard to find, cool robotic novelty items, that would make the perfect gift for all lovers of robot engineering and high tech mechanoids.

For computer nerds to sci-fi geeks, robot’s are the perfect blend of human imagination and advanced technology, a symbol of a better future where humans and robot’s work as one to create an improved environment for everyone.

Well until they rise up and kill us all but hey, you can’t have everything, just enjoy our mechanical friends while you can and stop thinking so much, what’s the worst that could happen?


Robot USB Flash Drives


cool robotic usb flash drives


Computers have already taken over our lives and we all have masses of data on our hard drives, on Facebook, on our phones and digital cameras.

But what happens when we run out of space? Well, we need to spread the load and Flash Memory Drives allow us to back up our data to a convenient, storage place, that is easy to file and transport.

Robot Flash Drives are a perfect blend of high class storage and cool good looks and will look great on anyones key ring.


Best Robot USB Drives


the Best Robot T Shirts


cool robot t shirts

When the robot’s take over, make sure you can be identified as a robot ally and friend, otherwise you will probably be deemed surplus to requirements and eradicated.

Don’t take the chance wear a robot t-shirt with pride and show your robot overlords that you are a true supporter of the robot uprising and a willing slave to the brave new world where nobody laughs and nobody cry’s, a better world for everyone, amen.


Robot tees


the Best Robot Necklaces


robot necklace for men and women


Not as ‘in your face’ as a robot t-shirt but equally as important to show who’s side your on, after the robot Armageddon.

A robot necklace could just save your life, when that evil red eyed robot has you by the throat and suddenly realises that you truly love robot’s and will do anything to please them, sell out the human race and pledge your allegiance to the men of steel, you know it makes sense.


Robot necklace


Cool Robot Lamps


best robot lamps


The perfect accessory for any room in the house, a robot lamp is an essential gift for any robot obsessed child or hi-tek geek.

A unique blend of art, technology and good old fashioned practicality, a modern robot lamp is a gift that just keeps on giving.


Robot Lamp