Robot Toys

Everyone loves robots, they are the pinnacle of human technology and have been a feature of popular culture for many years, who can forget Robbie the Robot, C3PO and R2D2 and of course the evil Ultron from the latest Avengers movie?

Robot toys cram all of this technology and imagination into a superbly educational and thought provoking play thing that children of all ages will treasure and enjoy for years to come.

Robotic toys are available to buy in kit form, that children can build for themselves or as off the shelf toys that are ready to be played with straight out of the box.

The Artificial Brain has tried and tested the best robot kits, the best remote controlled robots and of course the greatest, cute and cuddly interactive robot pets and have put together a catalogue of the best robot toys that you can buy today, happy shopping human.


Robot Toys for Kids


robot toys for kids

Kids of all ages cannot resist robot toys, from the inquisitive toddler to the hyper active teenager, a robot toy will be treasured throughout your child’s development, even to adulthood and beyond.

Who knows buying a robot toy for a child could encourage them to become an electronic engineer, a computer programmer or even a world famous roboticist, who could change the world forever.


robot kids toys


RC Spy Tank Robots


rc spy robot tanks

Combining all the features of the remote controlled toy’s we all know and love and cramming in the latest advances of audio and video technology, makes for a superb toy that emulates the robots used by the military and emergency services, who send very similar devices into environments that are too dangerous for humans to enter into.

How much fun could you have with a remote pair of eyes and ears that you can control from afar? The only limit is your imagination. RC Spy Tanks are a superb educational toy for children and adults alike.


robot spy tanks


Retro Robot Toys


retro robot toys

When you think back to your childhood and the toy’s you owned back then, I am fairly certain that you would have had or played with some sort of robot toy.

Who could forget the shuffling, sparking tin robot that was popular in the sixties and those awesome boxing robots of the seventies?

Robot toy’s back then were not as technologically advanced as their modern counterparts but were equally as much fun and never forgotten.

Surprisingly many of those retro robot toys are still available to buy today and they have lost none of their nostalgic charm, relive those magical moments over and over again or introduce your children or grandchildren to the unforgettable robots of yesteryear.


retro robot toys


Robot Building Kits


robot building kits

Probably the most educational toy available to buy today, a Robot Building Kit, will introduce your child to electronic engineering, circuit building, computer programming and a multitude of skills that are much in demand nowadays.

Giving a child a robot building kit will keep them entertained for hours and sow the seeds of a possible lucrative career path, prepare your child for the future, today.


robot building kits


Interactive Robot Pets

robot pets

Children love little fluffy animals but us parents know deep down, that buying them a real pet will cause us more work, tons of grief and inevitable heart break.

Fortunately interactive robot pets are the answer, just as much fun as the real thing but none of the hassle, kids are happy, mom and dad are happy, a win, win solution, buy one today.


interactive pets


Wooden Robot Toys

wooden robot toys


Get back to basics with a wooden robot toy, no fiddling with complicated instructions, screwdrivers or batteries. Wooden robot toys are as uncomplicated as you can get and incredible fun straight out of the box, suitable for children and adults alike.


wooden robot toys


the Best Fighting Robot Toys

best fighting robot toys


Robot toys can be educational, teach kids how to code and develop STEM skills, but there are times when you just want them to battle each other to the death.

Our fighting robot toys are lean, mean battling machines, hell bent on causing maximum damage to any living or non-living entity that dares to cross their path, let’s get ready to rumble …


best fighting robot toys