Best Robot Cats for Kids

best robot cats

Everybody loves kittens, they are cute fluffy and playful creatures, unfortunately they grow up into cats, who tend to sleep all day, treat you as a servant and try to scratch your eyes out if you try to play with them.

Well now thanks to modern robotics your playful kitten will never turn into a grumpy old cat, won’t mark his territory by spraying urine all over the place and wont sharpen his nails on your precious furniture.

The domestic pussy has finally had his day and has been replaced by a new breed of pet robot cats, who always wants to play, don’t need feeding and can be turned off when you get bored of them, purrfect.


Zoomer the Robot Kitty

Best Robot Cat for Kids

zoomer kitty robot cat


Zoomer Kitty is the latest addition to the impressive Zoomer range of interactive robot pets, joining the talented Zoomer Puppy and the self balancing Zoomer Dino on the shelf at the artificial pet store.

This impressive lifelike kitten is crammed with the latest robotic gadgetry, such as ‘True Vision Technology’, which means it can see and track your hand movements and follow you around just like a real kitty.

The Zoomer Kitty can also pounce, purr and sing and comes complete with its own interactive cat toy, for hours of feline fun.


Zoomer Kitty Demo Video


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Teksta Electronic Moving Robotic Kitten

by Teksta


Teksta Electronic Moving Robotic Kitten


The Teksta Kitty is an interactive robot that mimics the mood and actions of a real life kitten, easy to program and control via hand gestures, voice commands and the free downloadable app.

This engaging artificial pet provides unlimited fun for children of all ages and is accompanied by an electronic mouse for double the fun.


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Furreal Friends Daisy Plays with Me Kitty


Furreal Friends Daisy Plays with Me Kitty


Furreal Friends range of artificial animals are renowned for their realism and attention to detail and Daisy the interactive cat is no exception, she looks just like a real kitten, purrs, meows and moves just like the real thing.

The most realistic looking animatronic cat available to buy today, Daisy will quickly become a cherished and much loved member of your family.


FurReal Friends Daisy Plays With Me Kitty Toy

TV Commercial



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