Domestic Robots High-Tech House Helpers

In the dim and distant past robots were the subject of our wildest fantasies, the mechanical humanoids featured in the movies looked almost like real people and they were capable of amazing feats of super human strength and thought.

Fast forward to the present, robots are no longer confined to the movie theatre or science labs, you can buy your very own mechanical minion today, you won’t have to lift a finger as soon as you get one of these clever little guys to do the dirty work for you and you just won’t believe how many are available to buy right here, right now.


the Best Robotic Lawn Mowers


best selling robotic mowers


Every year as summer approaches it’s time to start worrying about the weekly chore of mowing the lawn, unless of course you own an automatic mowing machine, robotic lawn mowers are capable of trimming grass within boundaries that you determine and automatically avoid tree’s and bushes, they can also manage inclines of up to thirty five degree’s, some are even solar powered and others will automatically return to their charging station when power is running low, ensuring totally hands free lawn care.


robot lawn mowers


Best Robotic Pool Cleaners


robotic pool cleaners


If you have a swimming pool, keeping it clean can be a part-time job in itself, it’s time to kick back and soak up the sun, while your pool cleaning robot does all the hard work. Modern robot pool cleaners travel around your pool picking up leaves, silt, sand and other debris, ensuring a clean, safe environment for you and your family.


robot pool cleaners


Best Selling Robot Vacuum Cleaners


best selling robot vacuum cleaners


Smarter than your average vacuum, intelligent robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to map out the area to be cleaned using advanced laser tracking methods, which helps them determine the most efficient floor cleaning route.


robot vacuum cleaners


Robot Mops and Floor Cleaners


robot mops and floor cleaners


If you have hard wood, laminate or tiled floors in your home, a robotic floor cleaning mop is an essential tool in your fight against grime.

The best robotic floor cleaners will wash, mop and dry your floors completely on auto pilot, while you do something a lot more interesting, life’s too short to be mopping floors, give that job to the robots.


robot floor mops


Domestic Robots of the Future



Well that should be enough to keep any slacker happy but if your still looking for those chore free solutions, all purpose cleaning robots they aren’t too far around the corner, these mechanical maids are still in prototype but one day they will be advanced and efficient enough to service your domestic needs, that is until they all rise up and destroy their human masters once and for all, think I’m joking? Check out How to Survive a Robot Uprising, just to be on the safe side.