Automatic Robot Lawn Mowers

best robot lawn mowers

Nothing spoils a nice relaxing weekend more than having to mow the lawn, we are sure you have much better things that you could be doing, well invest your hard earned cash in a robot lawn mower and spend your weekends doing whatever tickles your fancy.

Automatic robot lawn mowers can be programmed to cut the grass once a month, once a week or to keep the grass down every single day with a quick trim, the choice is yours.

Once you have programmed your autonomous grass cutter, you can just sit back and admire your finely manicured lawn, while your robotic gardening pal finds its own way back to its charging base to prepare for the next cut.

Totally hands free gardening, set and forget and enjoy your spare time, you deserve it.


Flymo Automower 1200R Lawnmower

Best Selling Hands Free Robotic Lawn Mower UK


Flymo Robotic Lawnmower 1200 R Li-Ion


The Flymo Robotic Lawn Mower 1200R operates completely on its own, mowing the lawn independently and is perfect for lawns up to 500 m².

When required it automatically returns to the charging station and a boundary wire defines the lawn area to be mowed, a sensor in the Flymo ensures that it remains in this area.

As the robotic lawn mower features a collision sensor, some obstacles do not require the boundary wire, the Flymo 1200R will simply work its way around the offending barrier.

The Flymo 1200R can tackle inclines up to 25% and can also mow during those all too common rainy days, working quietly and saving energy, which is of course emission free.

The 1200R is one of the newest and most affordable robot mowers on the market and is a great buy for the first time robot user.

Say goodbye to mowing the lawn with the Flymo Automower 1200R Robotic Garden Grass Mower.


Flymo 1200R UK – Auto Mowing Demo Video

Best Robot Lawn Mower UK


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Worx WG794E Landroid Medium Robotic Mower


WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower


The robot lawn mower has evolved and become the ultimate weapon in the fight to control your lawn, safely and economically.

Intelligent lift and tilt sensors automatically shut off the rotating blades, should the Landroid be tipped over or raised above ground level.

The lawn mowing revolution is here, set and forget technology that will free up your spare time and leave you free to enjoy your perfectly manicured lawn, instead of constantly working on it. The smart choice for smart gardeners everywhere.


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Robomow RS630 Automatic Robotic Lawnmower


Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawn mower


The Robomow RS630 Automatic Robotic Lawnmower is one of the roughest, toughest robot mowers out there, its heavy duty steel cutting blades will make light work of even the toughest terrain in any weather conditions.

After fifteen years of research and development this robot mowing machine will even cut the edges of your lawn, ensuring a beautiful looking garden all year round, completely hands free.



Not only do the boffins at Robomow make great mowers, they also have a great sense of humour as their latest YouTube commercial shows, yes I’m afraid the video is firmly tongue in cheek but it will still make a great job of mowing the lawn.


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