Welcome to the Robot Shop

Our Robot Shop not only features the latest and greatest consumer mechanoids and machines but our fleet of ‘shopping drones’ regularly scan the Internet to find the best value for money robot’s that money can buy.

Every home needs a robot, get yours before they get you, which could be sooner than you think!


Sick of doing boring household chores? Then invest in a robot servant, they don’t need paying or feeding and won’t demand a holiday now or in the future, they will just work and work and work.

Play stimulates the imagination and robotic toy’s are are not only great fun but educational too, your child will learn basic programming concepts, electronic engineering and robotic science principles, what other toy can do that?

ispy wireless spy tank

RC Spy Robots

As military and surveillance technology continues to evolve and the gadgetry behind this equipment becomes cheaper, it filters down into the consumer market, giving us

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When the kids start nagging for a pet puppy, kitten or whatever creature their little hearts desire, do yourself a favour and buy them a robotic one, then you won’t be left holding the baby, you know it makes sense.

Looking for the perfect gift for that annoying geek in your life? Then look no further than the Robotic Gift Shop, an Aladdin’s cave of robotic, geeky loveliness.

men's robot t shirts

Robot T Shirts for Men

Young men, fathers and grandfathers, show your allegiance to the imminent robot uprising and put a mechanoid on your puny, male human chest. The ‘Artificial

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