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free robotics courses


The robot revolution is upon us, although still in its infancy robots are already cleaning our homes, working alongside humans and traversing the universe exploring far flung worlds.

Robots are evolving rapidly, in fact 10 million times faster than the human race, heralding a radical change in the way we interact with technology, the possibilities and indeed the dangers associated with this robotic uprising will no doubt change the world forever.

Our totally free robotics courses will give you a basic understanding of how robots work, what they are capable of, both now and in the future and teach you how to build robots of your own, either as a rewarding hobby or a potentially lucrative career.


Begin Robotics

A Free Online Course from the University of Reading


begin robotics course


Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be Stephen Hawkins or a cybernetic engineer to understand robot behaviour and mechanics, in fact the basics of robotics can be learnt by anyone, all that is required is an enquiring mind, enthusiasm and a fascination for how robots do what they do.

In this excellent four week online course from the University of Reading, you will learn about real and imagined robots such as Leonardo da Vinci’s mechanical lion, the first Mars lander and the science fiction robots that have populated novels and movies over the years thanks to the creativity of the likes of Isaac Asimov and Fritz Lang.

After your introduction to robot history you will then get more hands on, learning about robot anatomy and architecture, the nuts and bolts of how robots move and interact with their surroundings.

Finally you will dip into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence, can we build machines that will actually be able to think for themselves?

Enrol today and find out what is possible and what to expect from robots, both now and in the future.


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Mobile Robotics – Free Online Course

by Dr. Michelle Dunn – Robotics, Electronics and Bio-Medical Engineering Lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology


free mobile robotics online course


Dr. Michelle Dunn from the Swinburne University of Technology, is an experienced lecturer in Robotics and Mechatronics with a passion for mobile robotics and in this exciting introduction to how robots move and interact with their environment, Michelle will guide you through building and deploying your very own mobile robot.

The course includes almost three hours of easy to understand video content and requires between two and four hours of study per week. However, this will depend on the individual students needs and aspirations.

Mobile Robotics Course Modules:

  1. Robot Applications
  2. Robot Locomotion
  3. Robot Sensing
  4. Robot Control

Each module contains ten video lectures and nine quiz’s to test your knowledge as you go along, as well as an end of module assessment.

Students who pass the course will receive a Certificate of Achievement in Mobile Robotics.


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Introduction to Robotics

Free Robotics Course from the Queensland University of Technology


introduction to robotics


Fascinated by robots? Then let Peter Corke Professor of Robotic Vision at the Queensland University of Technology, guide you through this exciting free introduction to robotics course.

Learn about robot mechanics and the computer algorithms that make them function in real world applications. The course also looks into the role robots play in our modern technology driven society and discusses the ethical and moral implications of using robots as slaves to humanity.

There is also a completely optional project that guides you through building your very own robotic arm. However, this does require that you own or have access to a Lego Mindstorms robotics development kit.


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