Psycho Killer Robot just wants to be Loved

abe psycho killer robot


ABE is the worlds first psycho killer robot, a creepy lost soul trapped in a tin can and desperately trying to figure out why no one loves him.

Destined to become the worlds first robotic anti-hero, ABE is sort of Dexter meets CP30, a chilling combination of artificial soul searching mixed with a misguided sense of duty.

Yep, our robotic Hannibal Lecter certainly has his wires crossed on many levels and his warped artificial intelligence has deduced that his lack of ‘amor’ is due to the fact humans, (particularly young beautiful females) are broken in some way and must be fixed.

A chillingly brilliant idea, that shows that emotion is a very human concept and will be hard if not impossible to replicate, in the humanoid robot creations of the future.


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ABE was written and directed by VFX artist Rob McLellan, who also created all of the CG animation featured in this impressive movie short, which was originally produced for the Colchester 48 Hour Film Challenge entitled ‘Love… and all that’.

Starring Sam Hoare, Claire Huskisson and Emily Baxter, there is talk of ABE evolving into a full length feature movie, which is great news for sci-fi fans everywhere, who have already been treated with brilliant robot movies this year, such as the heart warming ‘Robot and Frank’ and the highly anticipated, soon to be released robot action adventure ‘Pacific Rim’.


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