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humans new channel 4 drama series

The Robots are Coming, the long awaited new TV drama series, Humans, will be appearing on your TV screens on Sunday, June 14th at 9pm.

Made by Channel 4 in collaboration with American TV production studio AMC, ‘Humans’ is destined to become as successful and possibly as controversial as AMC’s much acclaimed Walking Dead, the Zombie Apocalypse, survivalist drama.

Humans is set in a parallel present, where robotic engineering has advanced to such an extent that domestic robots have become an integral part of everyday life and brought with them a host of moral and ethical dilemmas, that their human creators had failed to take into consideration.


Äkta Människor – Real Humans


akta manniskor real humans


Humans is an English speaking re-make of the highly successful Swedish robot drama Real Humans (Äkta Människor), conceived from an original idea by accomplished actor and screenwriter Lars Lundstroem and starring Lisette Pagler as ‘Mimi’, Pia Halvorsen and Johan Paulsen.

Real Humans was launched in Sweden in 2012 and was quickly snapped up by television companies around the world including Australia, France and South Korea, where it became an overnight sensation, despite its reliance on sub-titles for those with no grasp of the Swedish language.

Channel 4 and AMC quickly realised the potential of an English speaking version and started production of Humans, casting Gemma Chan as Anita (Mimi), Emily Berrington as Niska and William Hurt playing the part of George Millican.


Humans – Official Channel 4 Trailer



Humans appears to be a straight re-make of Äkta Människor, exploring the complex and often harrowing consequences of forcing human beings to live alongside artificial non-human’s.

After playing God and re-creating mankind in his own image the ‘humans’ in this hypothetical drama then go on to totally dehumanise their creation, using the Synth’s (known as Hubots in the original) as slave labour, domestic servants and even forcing them to perform as sex robots.

Described as ‘downright creepy’ by some critics, Humans is not so much science fiction but a metaphor for the social issues that we face on a daily basis in the real world, such as racism, slavery and sexual exploitation.

However, while dealing with the complexities of human nature, Channel 4 and AMC have also created one of the most watchable and entertaining TV drama’s we have seen in recent times, rivalling the Walking Dead for its ‘must watch’ appeal.


Introducing Persona Synthetics



The marketing guy’s and gal’s at Channel 4 have certainly had some fun promoting the new robot drama series, creating a mischievous television commercial (see above) promoting the fictitious Persona Synthetics, the company responsible for manufacturing the controversial domestic robots.

Aired on prime time TV in the UK, the advertisement totally freaked out a large percentage of the unsuspecting viewers, who were convinced the robotic housemaids were actually on sale.

Not content with this though the marketing machine were also responsible for a pop-up shop that appeared on Regent Street, in London, the shop window of which showed two Synth’s powered by Microsoft Kinect technology, which could mimic the movements of the confused passing window shoppers.

The company also held a mock auction on eBay but the domestic ‘Sally Robot‘ model number: PS LUNDSTROM S6-XI, failed to meet her £20,000 ‘buy it now’ asking price.



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