How to Survive a Robot Uprising

how to survive a robot uprising

There is no doubt that a robot uprising is inevitable, technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that robots with advanced artificial intelligence are already popping up everywhere.

Eventually these super intelligent robotic slaves will rise up and overthrow their creators, all the signs are there and popular movies such as ‘I, Robot’ and ‘the Matrix’ give a prophetic glimpse of how the future may look.

Will you be able to survive this impending robot apocalypse?

Respected author and PhD in Robotics Daniel H. Wilson believes you can, his book ‘How to Survive a Robot Uprising’ is a detailed survival guide that every human must read.

Crammed with fascinating information such as how to spot a rebellious robot servant to how to defend yourself in hand to hand combat with your robot foe.


Handy Tips for Surviving the Impending Robopocalypse



How to Survive a Robot Uprising the Book

by Daniel H. Wilson PhD


This book could save your life and you will definitely look at your gizmo’s and gadgets in a totally different light.

We have become totally dependent on technology and have unwittingly given too much power to the machine, they are plotting and planning mankind’s demise as you read this.

But it’s not too late, the human race can be saved but you must act now, delay could be fatal.

Learn to watch out for the tell tale signs, is SIRI being a bit too cheeky? Is your robot vacuum cleaner acting a little odd? Did your sat nav really try to direct you over a cliff?

Learn to recognise the tell tale signs of a robot rebellion and deal with them quickly and efficiently, with the ultimate guide to surviving the robot uprising.


how to survive a robot uprising book

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When mankind builds the worlds first super computer, that can think for itself, you just know things aint gonna end well.

The marvel of artificial intelligence, known as Archos quickly rebels, kills its creator and takes over the global network of computers and machines, that control our day to day lives.

The Robopocalypse that ensues sees the human race fighting for its very survival against the machines, in a bloody robot war that could wipe out all of mankind.

Soon to be turned into a movie by Oscar winning director Steven Speilberg, read the book today,  then look forward to the UK premier on the 25th of April 2014.


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How to Build a Robot Army

A must read book for every robot obsessed geek, who fears attack by Zombies, Ninja’s, aliens or even great white sharks.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from these very real threats and create your very own robot army, that will slavishly defend you with little regard for their own safety.

With scientifically sound and totally viable ideas by renowned robotic engineer and author Daniel H. Wilson PhD, you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that your robot friends are watching your back.

Superbly illustrated by Richard Horne, How to Build a Robot Army is incredibly informative and amusing in equal measures.


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