Create a Robot Themed Nursery or Kid’s Bedroom

robot themed bedroom ideas


Robot’s are cute, colourful, geometrically shaped and intent on world domination, no wonder kid’s of all ages love ’em.

Create an environment that will stimulate and inspire a love of technology and all things robotic, with a robot themed nursery or child’s bedroom.

Our team of highly advanced robot drones have been searching the World Wide Web, to discover all those hard to find bedroom accessories that will make your little ones bedroom or nursery the envy of all their friends and their friends parents ;o).

So, let’s start at the very beginning, with the bedroom door …


Bedroom Door Name Plaques


bedroom door name plaque


Nothing stamps a child’s authority on their living quarters more than their very own name, emblazoned on their bedroom door.

A personalised name plate will let your child know they have their own space and personal sanctuary and you never know as they grow older they might even keep it tidy.

Hand made personalised name plates, with a robot theme are available from

Now, onto the bedding …


Robot Quilts and Bedding Set’s

for cot’s, crib’s and single beds


robot quilts and bedding sets


The focal point of any robot themed bedroom or nursery has to be the sleeping area, whether it be a crib, cot or bed, so it is vital that you maintain the robot theme in this most important and practical part of the room.

Fortunately their are a number of bedding sets and quilts on the market nowadays, adorned with the most delightful and colourful robots we have ever seen and they are available to buy today from Amazon.


Don’t forget the robot pillows and cushions, great for pillow fights.


Robot Wallpaper and Wall Decals


robot wallpaper and decals


Let your imagination run riot when it comes to the decor, use a combination of robot wallpaper, borders and vibrant decals and stickers to create the robotic vibe, that the kid’s will just adore.

Available from Amazon and Etsy.


the Finishing Touches …


Robot Bedroom Accessories


robot bedside lamps


Robot Bedside Lamps


Lighting is very important in a child’s bedroom, light provides comfort and reassurance, allowing your child to drift off to sleep without enduring the scary darkness.

A cool robot lamp is the perfect accessory to any robot themed bedroom and a number of really cute and practical lamps and night lights are available to buy over the Internet.

View the complete range at: Amazon


robot alarm clocks for kids

Robot Alarm Clock


A robot alarm clock is a must have accessory for a robot inspired bedroom, especially for children at school or about to start school.

Good time keeping is a must in the modern world and teaching young children this essential skill will guarantee their success at both school and when they eventually grow up and enter the work environment.

A robot alarm clock makes waking up fun and will inspire your youngsters to greet the day with a smile on their face.

Buy now from Amazon


robot toys for kids


Robot Toys


One thing a robot themed bedroom or nursery simply has to have, is an abundance of robot toys.

Robot toys come in many shapes and sizes from the soft and cuddly, suitable for baby’s and toddlers, educational for the pre-schoolers, up to the highly sophisticated robot building kits for older children.

Check out our Robot Shop for a full range of robot toys and games.