Cool Robot Toys that teach Kids Programming


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The Digital Revolution is now firmly established, our modern day lives totally revolve around computer based technology and computer programmers are highly paid and much in demand, as they will continue to be well into the future.

Programmers and software engineers create the cool programs and apps that power our PC’s, Laptops and mobile devices and as such demand high salaries in the modern day job marketplace, computer programming is destined to become a must have skill, when seeking employment in the future.

Don’t let your children fall behind, programming basics can be taught to even the youngest of children and the sooner they learn these concepts the better, we have sourced some amazing toys and games that teach children computer programming in a fun, enjoyable way and will give them a distinct head start in the ever more computer dependant world of tomorrow.


Dash & Dot – Robots helping kids learn to code


dash and dot programmable robot toys


Dash and Dot are two cute little robots, that encourage children to code through play, they will be available to buy this Christmas either individually or as a money saving combination pack.

The company behind the robotic duo are Play-i, who boast team member’s who have all worked at major tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Frog Design.

Children learn to program the innovative robot pair by using a visual interface that can be understood by kid’s as young as five but as they grow and develop children are able to program the robots directly using raw code.

With a huge range of accessories planned for its imminent release, Dash and Dot are shaping up to be one of the must have toy’s this Christmas.


Play-i Cool Robot Toys for Children to Program



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Teach the Kids to Code before they even Start School with the Bee Bot


bee bot programmable toyBee Bot is an award winning rechargeable robot toy aimed specifically at young children, to help them develop counting skills, directional control and simple programming concepts.

Bee Bot can be used independently on any flat surface, or in conjunction with specially designed floor mats, including an alphabet mat, to encourage spelling and word skills, a Treasure Island mat, a busy High Street mat and a Seaside mat, amongst others, with more being developed all the time.

With so many innovative teaching routines at Bee Bot’s disposal, it is no surprise that this clever little robot has been adopted by teachers across the globe and now has pride of place in many early school class room’s.

Of course Bee Bot also makes an excellent, educational gift for children of all ages and is a great fun way to spend quality play time at home, with a little learning thrown in for good measure.


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Bee Bot in the Class Room



Robot Turtles – the Board Game for Little Programmers


robot turtles board gameWhen Google software designer, and father of twins Dan Shapiro attempted to raise $25,000 on popular crowd fund raising site ‘Kickstarter’, to launch his fledgling ‘Robot Turtles’ board game, he must have been overwhelmed by the response.

After being rejected by professional board game designers and manufacturers, who informed Dan that a board game that teaches kids programming skills, sounded far too complicated and would never sell in toy stores, the tenacious Mr. Shapiro hoped to raise the money required to manufacture just 1,000 units which was the factory minimum order.

Amazingly his Kickstarter campaign attracted 13,765 backers who raised a staggering $631,230, not surprisingly more than enough to get this educational board game into the toy stores and flying off the shelves as quickly as any seasoned best seller.


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Robot Turtles Introduction and Game Play Video