Cambridge Scientists fear an Evil Robot Uprising

Evil Robot Uprising

As we are all well aware robotic science is growing at an exponential rate, the daily news is full of exciting technological break through’s in this amazing field, cybernetic water snakes, speedy cheetah robots and many more physically superior automatons are pouring off production lines all over the world.

Should this be a cause for concern to the average human being? Researchers at the Cambridge University, in England, believe so and have teamed up to create the Cambridge Project for Existential Risk (CESR) an alliance that brings together scientist Martin Rees, philosopher Huw Price and entrepreneur Jaan Tallinn, the co-founder of Skype.

Their long term aim is to establish a multidisciplinary research centre based at the University, which will be dedicated to the study and mitigation of the possible risks posed by artificial life, biotechnology and nanotechnology, areas which the team believe are not receiving the amount of scientific investigation needed.

Professor Price told the AFP News Agency that ‘it was a reasonable prediction that sometime in the future, intelligence could escape from the confines of biology’, he added that ‘the human race could find themselves at the mercy of machines, whose agenda does not include us’.

The CESR project will officially launch at some point in 2013, unless the evil robot uprising kicks off before then 😉


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