Where can I buy a Kindle?

Digital books or e-books are now outselling their printed equivalent by at least two to one and this is due almost entirely to the remarkable success of Amazons Kindle.

The ability to download that latest best seller or obscure reference book immediately and cheaply, is revolutionising the publishing industry.

Just as iTunes and the iPod changed the way music was bought and sold forever, you can be sure the Kindle will have a similar affect on the way we interact with our favourite authors and scribes.


So where will you buy your Kindle E-Book Reader?

Amazon design and manufacture the Kindle, so the worlds favourite on-line mega store should obviously be your first port of call but if you can’t wait for it to arrive through the post the Kindle is now being stocked by many high street stores, such as Waterstones, PC World and Staple’s but be warned, as Amazon supply all of these retailers you won’t see any significant difference in price and in fact you could possibly be paying a little bit more for the privilege of getting your hands on one ‘in store’.


Which Kindle is Best for Me?

The Kindle Family just keeps on growing and growing, which can make it very difficult to decide on the best Kindle for the money, if you are buying for yourself or a loved one you need to take into account various factors, such as the owners technical ability, where you or they will be reading and most importantly, cost.

Our Kindle Buying Guide takes into account all of these factors, so you can be certain you are getting the most value for your money and are buying the right Kindle for the right person.

Best Kindle for Kids

the Basic Kindle

basic kindle for kids
If you want to encourage your children to read more, the basic Kindle is ideal. Designed to be simple to use and with only one purpose in mind, reading.

Introduce your children to digital technology without all the distractions of other devices, no downloading movies, playing games or talking to strangers on the world wide web.

Not on this baby, the basic Kindle does one thing and does it extremely well, it allows you to read and at a pocket money price, you really can’t go wrong.


check price read reviews at amazon


Best Kindle for Parents and Grandparents

the Kindle Paperwhite

kindle paperwhite for the older generationThe basic Kindle is great but it does feature a rather fiddly on screen keyboard, which older readers could find frustrating and it has no back light, which makes reading in bed inconvenient, especially for partners trying to sleep.

The Kindle Paperwhite, solves all of these problems, its paper white touch screen is crystal clear and easy to read at any font size and the built in light means you can read in bed without disturbing your partner.

For those without an internet option the 3G version means you can download books from anywhere, with no additional fees or subscription charges.

With no complicated setting up the Kindle Paperwhite is good to go, straight out of the box, simple to use for even the most technophobic of Luddite’s and capable of storing over a thousand books, the ideal choice for bookworms everywhere.




To check for the latest price of the Kindle Paperwhite and read reviews from Amazon customers, just click the button below:


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Best Kindle for Students and Teenagers

the Kindle Fire HDX

kindle fire for students and teensTeenagers especially students require more than just an e-reader, they have research to do, so access to the Internet is crucial, they need to make notes at lectures and if they are living away from home they need a complete entertainment system so they can watch movies, listen to music and keep in touch with friends and family.

The Kindle Fire provides all of this, at a fraction of the price of other tablet computers.

check out the video below




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