Walking Dead Gift Ideas

the walking dead xmas gift ideas

The Walking Dead TV series is the must watch zombie apocalypse drama that has taken the world by storm, love it or hate it you certainly can’t ignore the adventures of Rick Grimes and his motly crew of survivalists, as they do battle with the crazed zombie hordes week in and week out on national television.

The TV series has spawned a plethora of zombie merchandise but what’s the best? What does the average Walking Dead fan crave more than zombies crave brains?

Well carry on reading pilgrim, because we have put together the best collection of Walking Dead Gift Ideas, that any fan of the undead would be pleased to possess.

Give the Zombie fan in your life a Christmas gift they will love till their dying day and if the zombie apocalypse becomes a reality, that may be sooner then you think!


the Walking Dead Comic Book – Compendium

where it all began


walking dead comic compendium

The Walking Dead TV series, for those of you who may or may not be aware, was originally an Eisner Award winning comic book written by renowned best selling author, Robert Kirkman and expertly illustrated by Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn, and Tony Moore.

The first ever issue appeared in 2003 and went on to become the inspiration behind AMC’s Emmy award winning cult TV series.

This impressive Walking Dead Comic Book Compendium gathers together the first forty eight issues of Kirkman’s masterpiece and is a must have gift for any fan of the zombie genre.

This massive paperback, over a thousand pages long, begins with Rick waking up in the hospital unaware of the apocalyptic disaster that has changed the world forever, to his joyful reunion with his family, through to Hershel’s farm and the controversial introduction of Woodbury despot: The Governor.

The Walking Dead Compendium Two is also available, why not buy both together and double the zombie love?


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Walking Dead DVD Box Set – Season’s 1 – 4


walking dead dvd box setBrand new for 2014, the Walking Dead DVD box set features all 51 episodes from the first four seasons of AMC’s Walking Dead, plus over five hours of bonus material, spread over 16 gut wrenching discs.

Re-live the drama and horror from episode one all the way through to the beginning of the new series.

The perfect gift for any Walking Dead aficionado, or anyone who missed crucial episodes and needs to catch up, or who just fancies a zombie drenched movie marathon before the new season 5 begins.


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Walking Dead T Shirts


walking dead t shirts

Show the world your a Walking Dead fan with this range of high quality one hundred percent cotton, officially licensed Walking Dead T Shirts.

Amazon stock the full range of Walking Dead apparel, featuring all of the shows favourite characters and of course the supporting cast of horrific looking zombies, far too many to show here, check out the full collection below.

Show the world your prepared for the impending Zombie Apocalypse and stick the Walking Dead on your chest.


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Walking Dead Action Figures


walking dead action figures

Create your own Walking Dead story’s and act them out with this exclusive set of McFarlane Toys action figures.

All your favourites are here Deputy Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon the crossbow hot shot, Michonne the samurai sword wielding amazon and of course hordes of fearful walkers.

Great fun for kids and big kids.


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Walking Dead Board Game


walking dead board game

Board games are making a comeback as more and more parents try to prise their offspring away from the games console and laptop, so what could be better then the whole family settling down to a fright filled evening trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Survival favours the fittest in this jaw dropping game of tactics and skill but be warned, if you become a victim of the zombie hordes you will become just like them and will have to turn against your friends and family in your lust for a blood soaked brain feast.

Great fun for all the family.


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Walking Dead Monopoly – Survival Edition

walking dead monopoly


Probably the best version of Monopoly we have ever played, the Walking Dead – Survival Edition incorporates classic Monopoly game play with all the heart wrenching horror of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Based more on the comic book than the the EMC TV series, with classic walking dead artwork adorning the board and playing cards, the classic playing pieces have been replaced with Rick’s Hat, Michonne’s Katana, Lucille the barbed wire enhanced Baseball bat, Dale’s RV a 1973 D-27C Winnebago Chieftain and the obligatory bucket of rotting body parts.

The classic Monopoly game play is now more about survival than the acquisition of wealth, players must battle for life saving supplies and fortify their property with guard towers and walls to keep out the Zombie hordes.


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Official Walking Dead Wall Calendar 2016


official walking dead calendar 2016


Hang a zombie or two to your wall, with the officially licensed 2016 Walking Dead calendar, based on the award winning TV series.

Sixteen full colour images spanning a full 16 months from September 2015 through to December 2016.


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The Walking Dead – Season 6 Official Trailer

warning may contain spoilers



The much awaited season 6 of the Walking Dead has lived up to all expectations so far, if your not watching then you are missing out, big time.



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