Robot Necklace for Men and Women

robot necklace

Show your allegiance to the robot cause with this collection of highly fashionable robot necklaces, suitable for men and women of all ages and the perfect gift for the robo geek in your life.

Our team of highly sophisticated robot droids have been relentlessy searching the wide world web, to bring you the cutest and most user friendly collection of fashionable robot jewellery ever assembled, from retro styled necklaces to ultra trendy chunky pendants, we are confident you will find the perfect robot trinket for yourself, the love of your life or even your very bestest friend, so carry on shopping ‘robot hunter’ and treat someone special to a unique and imaginative gift.


Steampunk Robot Necklace

by Cosmic Firefly


steampunk robot necklace


Stand out from the crowd and glam up in style with this exclusive robot original necklace from Cosmic Firefly.

This stunning steampunk inspired robot is certain to impress, with it’s movable arms and legs and the included antiqued brass 24 inch long ball chain.

The perfect gift for the gizmo loving girl or guy in your life, one of a kind item.


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Silver Robot Love Necklace


robot love necklace


Twice the robot fun for the money, featuring an adorable, loving boy and girl robot.

A highly original gift, hand crafted in Sterling Silver.

Why not buy two, one for him and one for her?

Show your robot love with this unique silver robot necklace, which has been personally hand made by the artist, a unique, beautiful gift.


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Retro Music Robot with Headphones Bronze Necklace

retro music robot with headphonesOne of our favourite items of robotic jewellery, this highly original robot necklace looks like he has been put together with old music shop bits and pieces.

His teeth resemble an old piano keyboard, while his torso looks like it has been manufactured from an old fashioned radio cassette player.

The funky retro styled headphones on his head, complete the vintage look.

Makes a perfect gift for the musically minded techno dance freak.


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Antique Gold Small Moveable Robot Necklace


Antique Gold Small Moveable Robot NecklaceIf you know someone who loves robot’s and loves bling, then you have just found them the perfect gift.

This antique gold coloured robot won’t fail to impress, with its moveable limbs and cyrstal embellished features.

This is one piece of jewellery that will never be condemned to the jewellery box of doom.

The perfect piece of party wear for that geeky girl with a passion for robotics and all things electronic and shiny.


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