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There is no doubt that birds are beautiful creatures, they are colourful, attractive and some bird songs are irresistible to the human ear but real birds don’t always make great pets, some are extraordinarily delicate, while others have complicated and specialised dietary needs and are not always the best choice of pet, particularly for small children.

Well thanks to the wonders of robotics all of these complications have been eradicated, pet robot birds can do everything real birds do, they are equally as colourful and sing lovely songs but best of all they don’t eat worms and you won’t have to worry if Grandma accidentally sits on one, no mess, no fuss, take a robot bird toy home today and leave the feathered variety outside where they belong.


Little Live Pets Birds Series 2

Best Selling Robot Bird Toy for Kids


little live pet birds best selling robot bird


‘Little Live Birds’ are a miracle of modern day technology and one of the best selling robotic pets available to buy today.

The new and improved series two pet bird can respond to touch, has over thirty enchanting bird songs and can even be taught to talk, they are also highly collectible with a plethora of different species now available, all with their own distinct personalties, why not collect them all?


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Teksta Toucan Electronic Bird


teksta toucan electronic bird


The newest and most technologically advanced robot bird to roll off the robotic production line, the all new Teksta Toucan will provide hours of fun and entertainment for children of all ages.

He acts just like a real bird, ruffling his feathers and flapping his wings with realistic animatronic movements. However the Teksta Toucan can also do incredible things that a real bird simply can’t do, such as telling jokes and performing amazing magic tricks.

He also responds to light, waking in the morning and sleeping at night and his advanced voice recognition means he actually understands your questions and will give appropriate answers.

A superb introduction to robotics, for both boys and girls, educational, hi-tech and great fun.


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Avitron V2.0 – R/C Flying Bird

by Avitron XTim


Avitron remote controlled flying bird toy


Mankind has always looked up to the sky, a little envious of how birds have managed to conquer the air-streams and fly effortlessly above the ground, in a way humans can only dream about.

Well robotics can’t help you to fly (not yet) but technology can give you control of your very own flying bird, defeat gravity and watch in awe as your very own robotic pet soars into the air, performs daring aerobatics and glides effortlessly through the sky, all with you at the controls.

The next best thing to flying yourself, a bionic bird is a must have for any gadget fan but please keep it away from the cat.


Avitron Flying Bird Demo Video



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Hasbro FurReal Friends Squawkers McCaw Parrot

by Hasbro

squawkers mccaw robot parrot toyHave you ever wanted to own your very own parrot but have been put off by the amount of time and effort it takes to care for one of these unpredictable birds?

Well now you can own a realistic animatronic parrot, designed to look like an actual Macaw, thanks to the robotic genius of the Furreal Friends engineers.

Squawkers McCaw is a feisty, realistic looking bird, fully articulated and just as unpredictable as the real thing. He can be taught to talk, just like a proper parrot and will preen and ruffle his feathers so convincingly that people will think it’s a living, breathing bird.

Like Long John Silver invest your pieces of eight in Squawkers McCaw, you won’t be disappointed, ‘Arr, me hearties’.


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