Real Life Superheroes or Masked Vigilantes?

real life superheros and their gadgets

In 2010 Universal Pictures released a movie entitled ‘Kickass’, based on the comic book of the same name, which starred Aaron Johnson as a high school student who dons a mask and decides to become a crime fighting superhero.

The movie has obviously inspired a whole slew of copy-cat wanna-be superhero’s, who have since stepped out into the streets and declared war on crime.

Armed only with a smattering of martial art skills and a variety of street legal weapons, these masked men and women are patrolling neighbourhoods all over the world fighting crime in their own unique way.

Local newspapers are now filled with the antics of these costumed ‘vigilantes’ and documentaries about the super and often not so super, self proclaimed heroes are gracing our television screens on a regular basis.

But who are these masked men and women? Are they just publicity seeking ego maniacs? Or do they really believe they can save the world from villainy?


Real Life SuperHeroes from the U.S.A

It was only to be expected that the home of the comic book, who introduced the world to the amazing Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man and many other fictitious costumed superheroes, would be the country that first unleashed the real life superheroes onto our crime ridden planet.


phoenix jones real life super hero seattle

Phoenix Jones

Phoenix Jones was one of the first real life superhero’s to explode onto the scene, dressed in his bullet proof stab resistant outfit, which has saved his life more than once.

His Facebook page now has over 2,000 friends and he has attracted sponsorship from a leading motor manufacturer, who have offered him a new car to assist him in his crime fighting duties.

Based in Seattle, Phoenix has been joined in his fight against crime by nine other self styled superhero’s known collectively as the Rain City Superhero Movement.


female real life superhero nyx

Nyx Real Life Female Super Heroin

In a male dominated world Nyx brings a touch of glamour to the super hero genre.

Operating out of New York City, the twenty one year old heroine has dedicated her time to helping to protect and care for the homeless, one of the most vulnerable sectors of society.

Often in collaboration with her muscle bound boyfriend, the Phantom Zero, the crime fighting duo diligently battle against injustice.


real life superhero dark guardian

The Dark Guardian

Blessed with no real super human powers, apart from his balls of steel, the Dark Guardian is a mixed martial arts specialist operating out of the big apple.

His confrontation with a drug dealer in NYC’s Washington Square Park has become an internet sensation.Watch the video below.





Dark Guardian Tackles Huge Drug Dealer


Superheroes Anonymous – Dark Guardian confronts a drug dealer from Ben Goldman on Vimeo.


Real Life SuperHeroes based in the U.K

Possibly not as glamorous as their American counterparts, British super heroes, with one or two exceptions, tend to limit their crime fighting duties to litter collecting or escorting the occasional drunk back to home base, according to the recent Channel 4 documentary ‘Superheroes of Suburbia’. Nice outfits though guys.


real life english superhero dark spartan

The Dark Spartan

A financial advisor by day, as darkness falls Will transforms himself into the Dark Spartan to patrol the seaside town of Torbay, in Devon.

Will has recently teamed up with the Black Void, an unlikely superhero who suffers with irritable bowel syndrome, which he admits can cause problems in stressful situations.

The well meaning but rather comical duo have yet to make an impact on Torbay’s crime statistics and the local police force along with Will’s long suffering wife Julie have expressed concerns for the pairs safety.




knight warrior

Knight Warrior from Salford

Nineteen year old gardener Roger Hayhurst, from Salford in Greater Manchester, who appears to have failed spectacularly in keeping his secret identity, well erm, secret.

Roger has become the latest real life superhero to take the internet by storm.

Dressed in his £200 lycra uniform, which often leaves little to the imagination, Roger has attracted the attention of Salford MP Hazel Blears, who has expressed an interest in becoming the teenagers side-kick in his fight against crime.



Knight Warrior on You Tube



Superheroes for Real – HBO Documentary Official Trailer

The award winning documentary Superheroes for Real, directed by Michael Barnett has already amazed and entertained audiences at the Slamdance film festival and Comic-Con International.

The film based mini series has also wowed TV audiences all over the world, after its stunning debut on the HBO channel and is now available to buy on DVD or Instant Download from Amazon (USA Only).

Find out what Marvel’s very own Stan Lee thinks about real life superheroes in the film trailer below.




the Real Life Superhero Project


real life superhero project


The Real Life Superhero Project is the brainchild of American photographer Peter Tangen, originally conceived as a historical photographic exhibit, the project has grown and grown into a full fledged superhero community supporting worthy charities across the globe.

To find out how you can get involved and really help to save the world, visit the Real World Super hero Project web site.





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