New Robotic Gadgets and Toys for 2013/2014

new robot gadgets and toys 2013

Robotic technology is continually moving forward and the latest robot inventions are infiltrating into every aspect of human civilisation, we now have robot surgeons saving lives and ominous robot drones doing exactly the opposite but what we have realised is that what you really need to see are robot gadgets and toys that make your pathetic human lives easier and more fun.

Well have no fear homo sapien the Artificial Brain has discovered that there are some awesome and really cool robot gadgets and toys coming your way in 2013, so carry on reading and start saving your cash for the gizmo’s and play things that you simply won’t be able to live without.


First Look at RoboMe from WowWee Robotics



Toy robot manufacturer WowWee the company who gave us the hugely popular Robosapien, demonstrated their latest robot creation RoboMe at Toy Fair 2013 in New York earlier this year.

What makes this robot so special is the fact that it can interact directly with your iPhone or iPod Touch, enabling your device to become the robots face and more importantly its brain.

Using your Apple device in such a way allows the robot to utilise all of the iPhone’s features such as acceleration sensors, GPS, camera, and microphone.

RoboMe should be available round about November time and is expected to be one of the best selling robot toys this Christmas.


RoboMe | by WowWee | Available Now from Amazon


Introducing DoorBot — The Wi-Fi Enabled “Smart” Doorbell



Another new robot for 2013 which interacts with your smart phone and/or tablet device, is the highly innovative DoorBot, a safety and security device which monitors and records visitors to your home or office and allows you to communicate with them whether or not you are at the premises.

DoorBot was invented by Edison Junior who managed to raise $250,000 for the project at the popular crowd funding web site Christie Street, the product should be available to buy now.


DoorBot | by Christe Street | buy now from Amazon USA


Cyclops — Kid’s Robot Suit

possibly the best kid’s toy ever



Japanese industrial robot manufacturer Sakakibara Kikai, has branched out into the childrens robot toy market and is hoping to make this highly impressive robot suit for kids available to buy in the very near future.

We are sure every kid on the planet will want one this Christmas but we think parents may baulk at the $20,000 asking price.


Cyclops Kid’s Walker | by Sakakibara Kikai | Available 2013



interactive education for Kids



littleBits is a highly educational electronic engineering kit, that features snap together magnetic parts allowing children and adults to create their own interactive machines and toys.

Teach your children the concepts of electonic circuits in a fun way that will keep them occupied for hours.


littleBits | by littleBits | Available Now from Amazon



the automatic grill cleaning robot



Every now and then a new domestic robot comes along that you just know everyone will want to own, GrillBot is one such robot and is destined to become the must have robotic device for every barbecue chef out there.

Yes GrillBot does the job you hate most, cleaning the grill and it does it effortlessly, allowing you to get back to the party in double quick time.


GrillBot | by GrillBots | Available Now


Sky Walker Quadcopter

fly your very own robot drone



Military flying drones have been bombing terrorist hideouts and innocent civilians homes for the last couple of years, well now it’s your turn to join in the fun and own a flying drone robot.

Fortunately you won’t be able to bomb anything but you will be able to fly one of the best remote controlled helicopters we have ever seen.

The major problem with most RC flying machines is that they tend to crash regularly, damaging the delicate helicopter blades, well not any more the Sky Walker Quadcopter features a sturdy protective cage that also gives this Quadcopter the uncanny ability to climb up walls.

The must have remote controlled flying drone is now available at RED5, order early for Christmas, its sure to sell out.


Sky Walker Quadcopter | Available now from Red5


NEW! Hexbug Spider XL

65% bigger — 65% better



What could be more fun than a little robot spider that scurries around your home? Well how about a giant remote controlled spider, yes the Hexbug RC Spider has been super sized for 2013.

Build your own army of spider robots, attack the dog, scare the cat the possibilities are endless, oh my we are gonna have so much fun with this thing, thank you Hexbug.


Spider XL | by Hexbug | Available now at Red5 (UK) and Amazon


CloudRobot — Battling Robots

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots reborn



For anyone old enough to remember the highly popular original Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em robots, your dreams have now been answered.

Cloudrobot have unveiled their latest take on battling boxer robots and boy are we impressed, currently still at the concept stage, it is hoped that a commercially viable version of these fighting machines will become available in the near future, we certainly hope so, we want one now.


Battling Robots | by CloudRobot | Available Soon, we hope


robot revolution

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