Microsoft Announce Free Upgrade to Windows 10, Cortana on your Desktop

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Windows 10 is the latest PC operating system from Microsoft and the software giant is allowing users of Windows 7, Windows 8.0 and Windows 8.1 to upgrade their system completely FREE of charge.

If you are eligible for the upgrade you should have noticed a little Window’s icon appear on your task bar, at the bottom right near the clock, clicking this will launch the Windows 10 app, which will allow you to reserve your copy of the new OS and test your system for compatibility issues.


What’s New in Windows 10?


whats new in windows 10


Now that your are over the shock of getting something for nothing, what can you expect from Windows 10 and is it worth actually upgrading?


The Start Menu

Well the first thing that will catch your eye is the fact that the Start Menu is back, improved and better than ever. The new start menu actually combines the best bits of Windows 7 and 8, Microsoft it would appear have actually listened to their users for once!

On the left, apart from a few cosmetic changes, the start menu is almost identical to Windows 7. However, on the right Microsoft have opted to display the love ’em or hate ’em tiles from Windows 8 but they are tweakable, you can choose which apps you want to appear or you can get rid of them altogether.


Cortana – your Personal Assistant

One of the more exciting features about Windows 10, that has us frothing at the mouth in anticipation is Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to the iPhone’s Siri.

Cortana is referred to as your ‘personal assistant’ and can remind you about birthdays, appointments and all other sorts of cool stuff, like helping you surf the Internet.

You can ask her questions, either by typing or talking to her directly, obviously you will require some sort of microphone to facilitate this but yes, now you can actually have a conversation with your PC and it will answer you like some sort of sexy little robot minx from the movies.


Edge – the New Browser

The much loathed Internet Explorer has finally been given its marching orders and has been replaced by ‘Edge’, which looks and feels much like Google Chrome and promises a faster, more reliable surfing experience, fingers crossed on this one, it could be IE12 in disguise.


What’s Missing from Windows 10?


With Windows 10, Microsoft has decided to kill off Windows Media Center, the card game Hearts and Windows 7’s desktop gadgets, did anyone actually use these?


Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?



Windows 10 is available for pre-order now and will be available to download for PC’s and Tablets on the 29th of July 2015, we won’t be downloading straight away but will wait until any initial bugs and problems have been ironed out, which are inevitable with a major system upgrade such as this but if you can’t wait, reserve your copy now and start counting the days till the end of July.



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