Is Wheat Good for You?

the Wheat Belly Diet Controversy

is wheat good for you

Eating wheat is making you fat and ill, that is the controversial claim by author and cardiologist Dr William Davis, who says you can get rid of the belly by ditching the grains.

If Dr. Davis was just a solitary voice in the wilderness then you could be forgiven for ignoring these outlandish claims but many modern diet plans produced by dieticians and nutritionists, such as Dr. Robert Atkins, Dr. Pierre Dukan and advocates of the Paleo Diet all share one common characteristic, they are all wheat free.

Wheat production in the UK and USA is a multi billion dollar industry and accounts for over seventy percent of our daily dietary intake, is it it just mere coincidence that obesity and illnesses connected to diet such as diabetes continue to soar?

Do our food manufacturers and government agencies really have our best interests at heart, or are they just concerned about improving the economic deficit?

Wheat the Lies and the Myths

fat wheat bellyThe American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the American Heart Association (AHA), suggest that for optimal health we should be consuming at least six to eight servings of wheat grain on a daily basis.

This advice however is very misleading, especially when many dieticians and nutritionists are suggesting that wheat based products are actually detrimental to health.

It is a known fact that wheat contains a specific protein known as gliadin, which in itself is an appetite stimulant that can create an addictive effect to wheat, making us want to consume more.

Wheat also contains a unique carbohydrate not found in other food stuffs, referred to as amylopectin A, which increases blood sugar levels more than a serving of table sugar, or indeed your average chocolate bar, not many people are aware that the glycemic index of bread is an astonishing 72, while sugar, which we are told is detrimental to health is only 59.

Increasing the blood sugar levels in such a way forces the pancreas to work overtime producing more insulin, which pushes the additional sugar into body cells resulting in an eventual increase in abdominal fat.

But guess what? Once this sugar rush has dissipated, usually after one and a half to two hours, your glucose/insulin levels plummet dramatically, which makes you feel hungry all over again, a vicious cycle indeed.

Deciding what to eat is of course a personal choice but if you want to lose weight, get fit and live longer I strongly suggest you do some research of your own and then draw your own conclusions to what is good or bad for your health.

Wheat Belly – the Book that will Change your Life



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Why are so many people in the UK and USA over weight today? Why are a larger percentage of Americans diabetic then ever before in human history? And why are more and more people falling victim to diseases you thought you would never see until you reached your grandfathers age?

Official agencies tell us that it’s our fault, too many sugary snacks, too many super-size soda’s, too much TV and too little exercise.


Author Dr. William Davis says:

“I disagree, in fact I am going to propose to you that it is the national message to eat more ‘healthy whole grains’, that got us into this mess and I am going to propose that walking away from that advice provides not only the solution to substantial weight loss but also leads to the solutions for numerous, abnormal health conditions.”


In his controversial new book ‘Wheat Belly’, cardiologist Dr. William Davis makes the case that the wheat we are being sold today in supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants across the USA, is not the same as the wheat of our parents day.

Wheat has been changed, changed in surprising ways by geneticists and agribusiness, the result Davis says is that modern wheat now stimulates appetite, making us want to eat more and triggering blood sugar and insulin levels more than table sugar or candy bars and leads to cataracts, arthritis, heart disease and inflammation along with a host of other conditions.


Author Dr. William Davis says:

“What finally convinced me that there was a huge problem here, was what I witnessed when I asked people to remove all wheat products from their diet, that’s when I saw complete turn-arounds in health and weight and that’s why I wrote ‘Wheat Belly’.”


In addition to making the case against modern wheat as nutrition public enemy number one, Dr. Davis leads you on your own personal journey back to normal weight and health and shows you how to re-construct your life after saying goodbye to wheat.

‘Wheat Belly’, lose the wheat, lose the weight and find your path back to health.

the Wheat Belly Book

wheat belly bookIf you are serious about losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle, research into the pro’s and con’s of what you consume on a daily basis is vital, a great place to start is the ‘Wheat Belly’ book by Dr. William Davis.

Packed with cutting edge scientific and nutritional information, backed up with actual case studies from men and women who have literally transformed their lives by making simple changes to their diet, ‘Wheat Belly’ is a must read book.


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150 Wheat Belly Recipes

lose weight by losing the wheat


wheat belly cook bookIf you want to give up wheat but aren’t sure what you should be eating instead, the ‘Wheat Belly Cookbook’ provides 150 nutritious and tasty meal ideas.

Produced by the same people who brought you the ‘Wheat Belly Book’, the ‘Wheat Belly Cookbook’ is the perfect companion and will guide you on your way to a wheat free lifestyle.


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When the World was Wheat Free

the Paleolithic, Caveman Diet


The Paleolithic period refers to the old ‘stone age’ which began with man’s invention of stone tools around some two and a half million years ago and which lasted up until the beginning of the agricultural revolution, approximately 10,000 years ago.

During this period all humans were hunter, gatherers and the food that they consumed was the food that they could forage, hunt, gather or fish and was basically fresh food, as obviously there were no processed foods or any foods that came about because of the neolithic period and the industrial revolution.

The contemporary Paleo Diet attempts to mimic the food groups that our hunter, gatherer ancestors consumed, using modern foods that are available at the supermarket.

The food groups that our stone age ancestors didn’t consume, because they didn’t exist, include the four modern, major food groups which include cereal grains, dairy products, vegetable oils and refined sugars and salt.

If you put all of the aforementioned ingredients together you can call it a donut, a cookie, a pizza or pretty much anything you want but it’s basically the same four ingredients that are used in the majority of processed crap we consume nowadays, which unfortunately accounts for seventy percent of the modern American and European calorie intake.

The Paleo Diet attempts to remove or seriously reduce these processed foods from our diet and focus on real living foods such as fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meats and fresh fish all of which provide the foundation of a nutritional, healthy Paleo lifestyle, free from the adverse affects associated with our modern eating habits.

Get started with the Paleo Lifestle Today

the Paleo Diet Recipe Book


paleo recipe book

The Paleo Diet Recipe Book is a complete introduction to the Paleolithic lifestyle and includes a host of exciting bonuses not available any where else, including:

  • Making quick and easy Paleo meals, for those in a hurry.
  • A comprehensive eight week eating plan, with everything planned for you and ready to go.
  • Learn about the medicinal and nutritional virtues of Herbs and Spices and how to incorporate them in your cooking.
  • Mouth watering Paleo Desserts, proving diets can be fun.


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