How Secure is Online Shopping?

how secure is online shopping?

With on-line shopping sales now averaging over £50 Billion a year, the online shopping revolution has finally come of age.

Many bricks and mortar stores who have failed to take the Internet seriously are paying the price however and have all but disappeared from the high street.

Will they be missed? There are bargains galore to be had on-line and no longer do we have to spend hours searching for that elusive parking space, no more battles with fellow shoppers to secure that last remaining robotic dinosaur, no queues, no hassle and no stress.

Online shopping is the way to go, browse at your leisure and a few clicks later all those lovely goodies you ordered are being shipped, ready to collect at your front door, simples.

“But is it safe?” I hear you cry, will my identity be stolen? Will my credit card details be published all over the internet? Will my hard earned cash be used to finance the annual ‘drug traffickers’ Xmas party?

Well relax shopping online is safer than giving your details out over the phone and definitely safer than giving your card to that dodgy looking waiter at the latest exotic looking restaurant.

However, as with everything else in life, there is some element of risk but these can be minimised by following our top tips for online shopping:


Safe Online Shopping, Tip One

Only use reputable well known companies, they have far superior security measures in place as they have their own reputation to uphold. At the Artificial Brain we only spotlight products available from the best and safest online retailers.


Safe Internet Shopping, Tip Two

Always use your credit card, using a credit card is far safer than using debit cards as most credit card companies provide insurance for your transactions and as it’s their money after all, they will often help with any disputes.


Stay Safe Online, Tip Three

If an offer looks too good to be true, it is. If you come across a web site offering the latest iPad for pennies then be very careful, it could be a phishing scam designed to steal your personal details.


Secure Online Shopping, Tip Four

Never do your online shopping at shared computer centres such as internet cafes or libraries, the reason being scammers will often install a device known as a ‘keylogger’ which will store everything you type, including passwords and card numbers.


So be a smart shopper, avoid the queues by buying safely online and snap up all those lovely bargains and please don’t worry, online shopping is getting safer every day, simply follow our simple rules and your chances of being scammed will be virtually non-existant.





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