Ozobot – the little robot toy

ozobot evo little robot toy

ozobot evo little robot toy


Standing at just over an inch tall, Ozobot is one of the smallest robotic toys that you can buy today but don’t be fooled by his tiny stature, while he may be vertically challenged Ozobot boasts an impressive electronic brain under that cool transparent exterior.

Small and cute enough to appeal to children of all ages, Ozobot makes learning fun, inspiring a keen interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) which are of course the building blocks of modern day robotics, a discipline that will be much in demand in the future digital work place.


How Ozobot Works


Now let’s take a closer look at the Ozobot, they look like pretty simple gadgets but are actually extremely complex, Ozobots have a cool translucent look to them but the real magic happens at the bottom, that’s where the sensors are situated that allow Ozobot to pick up and detect a range of different colours, allowing the tiny robot to be coded but more of that later.

There are so many different ways that you can use Ozobot, our little robotic toy, so let’s start out with one of the simplest, that’s just by taking some marker pens and drawing lines on paper for Ozobot to follow, a little tip here the lines need to be fairly thick so that Ozobot can easily detect them.

So after you have drawn your lines you just turn the little robot toy on and pop him on the line, which he will follow and change colour relative to the colour of the line you have drawn. So you’re probably thinking ‘well that’s cool but really not that impressive, a little robot that changes colour as it moves over a line’ but there’s so much more you can do with Ozobot so let’s get into the codes and programming after this brief video demonstration.


Official Ozobot Video Demo



Programming Ozobot


As we have already mentioned Ozobot can detect and differentiate between different colours and by expanding on these colour codes the manufacturers of this fascinating little robot toy have created an easy to learn visual coding language which can control speed, direction, timers and counters, not to mention some really cool dance moves.

The new Ozobot Bit 2.0 has expanded these programming capabilities even further by incorporating Googles machine language Blockly into the equation.

For those not familiar with Blockly it is a visual block programming editor based on the Javascript library and the Ozobot version referred to as Ozoblockly allows children to programme Ozobot directly, starting with the simple novice toolbox, which is suitable even for pre-school children, rising up to the master mode with its advanced programming features.


Which Ozobot should I Buy?


The original Ozobot 1.0 was released just prior to Christmas 2014 by Evolve Inc but has now been discontinued by the manufacturers thanks to the release of the more advanced Ozobot Bit 2.0.

The original Ozobot can still be found at several online retailers at a reduced price but be warned this version cannot be upgraded to work with with the versatile Ozoblockly programming language.

For this reason alone the Artificial Brain recommends you purchase only the latest version to future proof your investment in the worlds smallest programmable robotic toy.

The versatile little robot can be purchased in a variety of different money saving packs, the most popular of which are outlined below.


Ozobot Bit 2.0 Single Pack

the little robot toy beginners set


ozobot 2.0 single pack


The all new Ozobot Bit 2.0 is currently available in Cyrstal White or Titanium Black, be aware that the blue or red versions which are available in the Ozobot Starter Pack are a slightly older version which will require a paid upgrade to work with Ozoblockly, however if you don’t think Ozoblockly will be required or you intend to upgrade at a later date the Starter Pack does represent excellent value for money.

The Ozobot Bit 2.0 comes complete with carrying case, skin, and a charging cable with access to the Ozoblockly coding website and a free downloadable app suitable for the majority of iOS and Android Tablets, allowing for more advanced game play.


check price read reviews at amazon


Ozobot Bit 2.0, Dual Pack


ozobot bit 2.0 duo pack


Here’s what you get in the dual pack:

  • Two usb charging cables
  • Two Ozobots, one black and one white
  • Two different ‘skins’
  • Two Ozobot storage/travel cases


Ozobot Bit 2.0 Dual Pack Video Review



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the Ozobot in Education


The Ozobot STEM training program allows educators to create innovative and stimulating lesson plans based around core subjects such as science, programming and maths.

The little robot toy has already been put to work in classrooms around the world, with students learning sequential thinking, logical reasoning and basic coding concepts in a fun easy to understand way simply by introducing Ozobot into the learning process.

The Ozobot website provides comprehensive resources, including lesson plans, teacher guides and science workshop activities suitable for children of all ages.

There is also an Ozobot Classroom Kit available to buy from selected retailers, which includes eighteen Ozobots, a multi point charger, colour code marker pens, a bowling challenge game and much, much, more.


Top Selling Robot Story Books for Children

robot books for kids

robot story books for kids

Children of all ages have always been fascinated by stories about robots, often sparking a long term interest in science and technology. However, in days gone bye the robot was firmly rooted in the world of science fiction, nowadays for children growing up in the digital age robots are quickly becoming science fact and an understanding of how robots work and what they do will be an essential skill in the very near future.

Introduce your child to the amazing world of robotics, with our selection of the best robot story books for children, guaranteed to stimulate their imagination and familiarise them with the technology that will be their future.


Robots, Robots, Everywhere

Sue Fliess and Bob Staake


robots robots everywhere book


Not large in size but definitely big on content, Robots, Robots Everywhere, written by Sue Fliess and expertly illustrated by award winning artist Bob Staake, gently introduces children to the work robots are doing for humans today.

Suitable for children aged 2-5 years old, who will love the rhyming text, (especially if read in a robotic voice) and the beautifully crafted illustrations of robots in space and around the home and everywhere in-between.


check price read reviews at amazon


No-Bot the Robot with No Bottom

Sue Hendra


no-bot the robot with no bottom


For guaranteed giggles, this quirky robotic tale from top selling children’s author Sue Hendra, about a robot who loses his bottom ticks all the right boxes.

Simple to read, very entertaining and highly amusing, with bright colourful illustrations which perfectly complement the story, No-bot the robot with no bottom is destined to become a favourite bed time story for all robot loving little boys and girls aged two years and up.


check price read reviews at amazon


Robot Rumpus

Sean Taylor and Ross Collins


robot rumpus


Looking after small children can be an exhausting experience for parents, so what if you could buy a robot who could cook them dinner? Do the washing up? Give them a bath? Put them to bed and read a bed time story?

Well of course you would go out for the evening and leave your precious offspring in the capable hands of modern technology, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, Robot Rumpus written by Sean Taylor and superbly illustrated by Ross Collins, explains some of the pitfalls of putting too much trust in modern robotics, in this highly original, hilarious robot story book for children aged from four to nine years old.


check price read reviews at amazon


Pete the Cat: Robo-Pete

James Dean


pete the cat robo-pete


The latest addition to the best selling Pete the Cat series by acclaimed author and artist James Dean, heralds the introduction of Robo-Pete, a high tech facsimile of our favourite feline.

Built by Pete himself Robo-Pete has been programmed to always want to play the same games as Pete, but can this robotic playmate really replace Pete’s life long friends?

Comes complete with free stickers, suitable for children aged 4 and up.


check price read reviews at amazon


Boy and Bot

Ame Dyckman and Dan Yaccarino


boy and bot book


A love of robots is almost hard wired into the brains of young children, so when a little boy meets a bright red robot in the forest they are destined to be friends forever.

Well, that is until the robot suffers a slight malfunction that causes concern and confusion for everyone involved, fortunately a crazy inventor rescues the day, before things get totally out of hand.

An endearing, captivating robot story for boys and girls aged 2-5 years.


check price read reviews at amazon


Cool Robot Toys that teach Kids Programming

educational robot toys


educational robot toys


The Digital Revolution is now firmly established, our modern day lives totally revolve around computer based technology and computer programmers are highly paid and much in demand, as they will continue to be well into the future.

Programmers and software engineers create the cool programs and apps that power our PC’s, Laptops and mobile devices and as such demand high salaries in the modern day job marketplace, computer programming is destined to become a must have skill, when seeking employment in the future.

Don’t let your children fall behind, programming basics can be taught to even the youngest of children and the sooner they learn these concepts the better, we have sourced some amazing toys and games that teach children computer programming in a fun, enjoyable way and will give them a distinct head start in the ever more computer dependant world of tomorrow.


Dash & Dot – Robots helping kids learn to code


dash and dot programmable robot toys


Dash and Dot are two cute little robots, that encourage children to code through play, they will be available to buy this Christmas either individually or as a money saving combination pack.

The company behind the robotic duo are Play-i, who boast team member’s who have all worked at major tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Frog Design.

Children learn to program the innovative robot pair by using a visual interface that can be understood by kid’s as young as five but as they grow and develop children are able to program the robots directly using raw code.

With a huge range of accessories planned for its imminent release, Dash and Dot are shaping up to be one of the must have toy’s this Christmas.


Play-i Cool Robot Toys for Children to Program



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Teach the Kids to Code before they even Start School with the Bee Bot


bee bot programmable toyBee Bot is an award winning rechargeable robot toy aimed specifically at young children, to help them develop counting skills, directional control and simple programming concepts.

Bee Bot can be used independently on any flat surface, or in conjunction with specially designed floor mats, including an alphabet mat, to encourage spelling and word skills, a Treasure Island mat, a busy High Street mat and a Seaside mat, amongst others, with more being developed all the time.

With so many innovative teaching routines at Bee Bot’s disposal, it is no surprise that this clever little robot has been adopted by teachers across the globe and now has pride of place in many early school class room’s.

Of course Bee Bot also makes an excellent, educational gift for children of all ages and is a great fun way to spend quality play time at home, with a little learning thrown in for good measure.


check price read reviews at amazon


Bee Bot in the Class Room



Robot Turtles – the Board Game for Little Programmers


robot turtles board gameWhen Google software designer, and father of twins Dan Shapiro attempted to raise $25,000 on popular crowd fund raising site ‘Kickstarter’, to launch his fledgling ‘Robot Turtles’ board game, he must have been overwhelmed by the response.

After being rejected by professional board game designers and manufacturers, who informed Dan that a board game that teaches kids programming skills, sounded far too complicated and would never sell in toy stores, the tenacious Mr. Shapiro hoped to raise the money required to manufacture just 1,000 units which was the factory minimum order.

Amazingly his Kickstarter campaign attracted 13,765 backers who raised a staggering $631,230, not surprisingly more than enough to get this educational board game into the toy stores and flying off the shelves as quickly as any seasoned best seller.


check price read reviews at amazon


Robot Turtles Introduction and Game Play Video



Weird Robot Hotel Opens in Japan

weird robot hotel

weird robot hotel

A weird robot hotel staffed almost entirely by non-humans, has opened its doors to the Japanese public and bemused tourists alike, at a theme park based in Sasebo, Nagasaki.

The Henn-na Hotel (which is Japanese for weird hotel), is situated at the 380-acre Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch Themed amusement park, of all things, festooned with tulips and early European brick architecture, weird indeed, however the madness escalates to unprecedented heights as soon as you enter the lobby and attempt to check in.

If your grip on reality hasn’t already been completely eroded by the surreal surroundings, the sight of the Japanese speaking robot receptionist and her English translating sidekick, a robotic dinosaur covered in tiger fur and sporting a Burberry bow tie, will probably tip you over the edge.


Strange Robots but Smart Technology


smart hotel technology


When you have come to your senses and realised you have not stumbled onto the set of Humans, the new robot TV series from Channel 4 and AMC, you will be seriously impressed by the ‘smart hotel technology’ that the Henn-na has placed at your disposal.

Hotel keys for example, have been rendered obsolete thanks to an impressive facial recognition system, which only unlocks hotel room doors for the specified guest and approved personnel.The robots it would appear are not yet capable of making the beds.

Once inside the minimal but tasteful, typically Japanese interior, the high tech gadgetry is not immediately apparent. However, the room temperature and lighting are fully automated and can be voice controlled simply by having a word with Churi-chan, a pint sized personal assistant who is a feature in every one of the 72 hotel rooms. The diminutive automaton will also advise about the weather and wake you with an alarm call if required.


The Weird Robot Staff at the Henn-na Hotel


weird robot hotel staff


All in all, the Henn-na Hotel boasts four human like robots who can converse fluently in Japanese, Korean and English, seventy two personal assistant bots, four porter drones, a robotic cloakroom assistant and several room cleaning robots, not forgetting the crazy robot dinosaur on reception.



Theme Park founder and hotel entrepreneur Hideo Sawada, told reporters that the robot theme was not designed as a gimmick to court publicity for the Henn-na but was a genuine attempt to reduce the day to day expenses involved in running a hotel.

Mr. Sawada is quoted as saying that “he wanted to show how establishments could improve efficiency and lower labour costs.”

It is becoming more and more apparent that the future robot uprising won’t be fought on the battlefield as portrayed in movies such as the Matrix, Terminator and iRobot but rather on the shop floor, as our future robot overlords undermine humanity’s already fragile economy and plunge millions, if not billions of people into unemployment, poverty and eventual obsolescence.



The Telegraph

Russia Today

BBC News

Activist Post


New Robot TV Series – Humans on Channel 4

humans new channel 4 drama series

humans new channel 4 drama series

The Robots are Coming, the long awaited new TV drama series, Humans, will be appearing on your TV screens on Sunday, June 14th at 9pm.

Made by Channel 4 in collaboration with American TV production studio AMC, ‘Humans’ is destined to become as successful and possibly as controversial as AMC’s much acclaimed Walking Dead, the Zombie Apocalypse, survivalist drama.

Humans is set in a parallel present, where robotic engineering has advanced to such an extent that domestic robots have become an integral part of everyday life and brought with them a host of moral and ethical dilemmas, that their human creators had failed to take into consideration.


Äkta Människor – Real Humans


akta manniskor real humans


Humans is an English speaking re-make of the highly successful Swedish robot drama Real Humans (Äkta Människor), conceived from an original idea by accomplished actor and screenwriter Lars Lundstroem and starring Lisette Pagler as ‘Mimi’, Pia Halvorsen and Johan Paulsen.

Real Humans was launched in Sweden in 2012 and was quickly snapped up by television companies around the world including Australia, France and South Korea, where it became an overnight sensation, despite its reliance on sub-titles for those with no grasp of the Swedish language.

Channel 4 and AMC quickly realised the potential of an English speaking version and started production of Humans, casting Gemma Chan as Anita (Mimi), Emily Berrington as Niska and William Hurt playing the part of George Millican.


Humans – Official Channel 4 Trailer



Humans appears to be a straight re-make of Äkta Människor, exploring the complex and often harrowing consequences of forcing human beings to live alongside artificial non-human’s.

After playing God and re-creating mankind in his own image the ‘humans’ in this hypothetical drama then go on to totally dehumanise their creation, using the Synth’s (known as Hubots in the original) as slave labour, domestic servants and even forcing them to perform as sex robots.

Described as ‘downright creepy’ by some critics, Humans is not so much science fiction but a metaphor for the social issues that we face on a daily basis in the real world, such as racism, slavery and sexual exploitation.

However, while dealing with the complexities of human nature, Channel 4 and AMC have also created one of the most watchable and entertaining TV drama’s we have seen in recent times, rivalling the Walking Dead for its ‘must watch’ appeal.


Introducing Persona Synthetics



The marketing guy’s and gal’s at Channel 4 have certainly had some fun promoting the new robot drama series, creating a mischievous television commercial (see above) promoting the fictitious Persona Synthetics, the company responsible for manufacturing the controversial domestic robots.

Aired on prime time TV in the UK, the advertisement totally freaked out a large percentage of the unsuspecting viewers, who were convinced the robotic housemaids were actually on sale.

Not content with this though the marketing machine were also responsible for a pop-up shop that appeared on Regent Street, in London, the shop window of which showed two Synth’s powered by Microsoft Kinect technology, which could mimic the movements of the confused passing window shoppers.

The company also held a mock auction on eBay but the domestic ‘Sally Robot‘ model number: PS LUNDSTROM S6-XI, failed to meet her £20,000 ‘buy it now’ asking price.



Channel 4
Yahoo News
Persona Synthetics


Have your say – share your thoughts on Humans in the comments below.


Grillbot the Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot

grillbot automatic bbq grill cleaning robot

grillbot automatic grill cleaning robot


When your grill is caked and covered in grease from a hard days work, it’s time to turn to the one machine that can make it all go away, with the push of a button, Grillbot.

Grillbot is advertised as the grill cleaning robot that does all of the dirty work for you, with its three powerful electric motors spinning three wire brushes, that scrape away baked on crust that usually make cleaning the bbq grill a hassle.

Whether your grill is hot or cold, Grillbot has the cleaning covered and features a built in LCD controlled timer to let you know when the cleaning is complete and an audible alarm for when the Grillbot is finding the grill a little too hot for comfort.

The included AC adaptor and re-chargeable batteries means Grillbot is always ready for action and the wire brushes can easily be removed and popped in a dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Grillbot features state of the art technology which allows it to roam independently around your grill surface, giving it a deep clean in minutes, while you get back to the party.

Say goodbye to the scraping and brushing that takes the fun out of bbq’s and grilling and say hello to your automated friend Grillbot, the world’s first and best automatic robot grill cleaner.


check price read reviews at amazon


Grillbot – Quick Start Video Tutorial



Can’t hear the video? Continue reading …

So, if you are thinking about buying a Grillbot, let us show you what to expect when your grill cleaning robot is delivered to your door.

To get you started, you will first have to remove the Grillbot from its packaging, hold the Grillbot by the top handle and place to one side so you can read the quick start guide and the owners manual.

Before you first use the Grillbot, you will need to charge him for approximately eight hours, or until you hear the little fellow beep and don’t worry his built in sensor will prevent over charging.

When you are ready to use your Grillbot, first make sure your grill is on a flat, even surface and also make sure the grill is below 250°, never use your Grillbot over an open flame.

Place your Grillbot on the grill grate, press the button once for a ten minute cycle, twice for a twenty minute cycle and three times for a thirty minute cycle.

There will be a five minute delay, to allow you time to close the grill lid.

If your grill is too hot an alarm will sound and Grillbot’s motors will stop automatically.

Grillbot will let you know when cleaning is complete by automatically shutting down and emitting an audible bleep.

Now let’s talk about Grillbot’s brushes, to clean them remove by holding the robot upside down, grip the brush by the ends and use your thumb to press the release button on the outside and remove the brush from the axle.

Wipe the bottom of the Grillbot using a damp cloth or degreaser, the brushes are dishwasher friendly, or you can simply rinse in soapy, hot water.

After the brushes are clean, simply line up the notches with the slot and snap them back into place, by slipping the brush back onto the motor shaft, pressing until the brush clicks into place.

Grillbot’s replaceable brushes are available from Amazon.com, Grillbot comes with standard brass brushes but for a more robust clean try the stainless steel brushes, recommended for non-coated grill grates.

Grillbot loves to scrub, so put him to work as often as you like, he will never complain.

Available in Bot Black, Electric Blue and Robotic Red, buy today from Amazon …


check price read reviews at amazon


Create a Robot Themed Nursery or Kid’s Bedroom

robot themed bedroom ideas

robot themed bedroom ideas


Robot’s are cute, colourful, geometrically shaped and intent on world domination, no wonder kid’s of all ages love ’em.

Create an environment that will stimulate and inspire a love of technology and all things robotic, with a robot themed nursery or child’s bedroom.

Our team of highly advanced robot drones have been searching the World Wide Web, to discover all those hard to find bedroom accessories that will make your little ones bedroom or nursery the envy of all their friends and their friends parents ;o).

So, let’s start at the very beginning, with the bedroom door …


Bedroom Door Name Plaques


bedroom door name plaque


Nothing stamps a child’s authority on their living quarters more than their very own name, emblazoned on their bedroom door.

A personalised name plate will let your child know they have their own space and personal sanctuary and you never know as they grow older they might even keep it tidy.

Hand made personalised name plates, with a robot theme are available from Etsy.com.

Now, onto the bedding …


Robot Quilts and Bedding Set’s

for cot’s, crib’s and single beds


robot quilts and bedding sets


The focal point of any robot themed bedroom or nursery has to be the sleeping area, whether it be a crib, cot or bed, so it is vital that you maintain the robot theme in this most important and practical part of the room.

Fortunately their are a number of bedding sets and quilts on the market nowadays, adorned with the most delightful and colourful robots we have ever seen and they are available to buy today from Amazon.


Don’t forget the robot pillows and cushions, great for pillow fights.


Robot Wallpaper and Wall Decals


robot wallpaper and decals


Let your imagination run riot when it comes to the decor, use a combination of robot wallpaper, borders and vibrant decals and stickers to create the robotic vibe, that the kid’s will just adore.

Available from Amazon and Etsy.


the Finishing Touches …


Robot Bedroom Accessories


robot bedside lamps


Robot Bedside Lamps


Lighting is very important in a child’s bedroom, light provides comfort and reassurance, allowing your child to drift off to sleep without enduring the scary darkness.

A cool robot lamp is the perfect accessory to any robot themed bedroom and a number of really cute and practical lamps and night lights are available to buy over the Internet.

View the complete range at: Amazon


robot alarm clocks for kids

Robot Alarm Clock


A robot alarm clock is a must have accessory for a robot inspired bedroom, especially for children at school or about to start school.

Good time keeping is a must in the modern world and teaching young children this essential skill will guarantee their success at both school and when they eventually grow up and enter the work environment.

A robot alarm clock makes waking up fun and will inspire your youngsters to greet the day with a smile on their face.

Buy now from Amazon


robot toys for kids


Robot Toys


One thing a robot themed bedroom or nursery simply has to have, is an abundance of robot toys.

Robot toys come in many shapes and sizes from the soft and cuddly, suitable for baby’s and toddlers, educational for the pre-schoolers, up to the highly sophisticated robot building kits for older children.

Check out our Robot Shop for a full range of robot toys and games.


Cheap Robot Vacuum Cleaners under £200

cheap robot cleaner under £200

cheap robot cleaner under £200Since we reported that the price of the highly affordable XR Advanced Robot Vacuum Cleaner had dropped below the ubiquitous £200 barrier, it would appear that other robot cleaner manufacturers are keen to exploit this new market for cheap entry level cleaning bots, without compromising quality.

Which means that almost everyone can now afford the luxury of automated cleaning, without the initial high outlay of the earlier robot vacuum cleaners, who have been cleaning the interiors of only the most privileged of home owners, until now that is, so don’t delay, buy today and enjoy the luxury of owning a robotic domestic servant.


Vileda Cleaning Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



Vileda are well known for their extensive range of cheap household cleaning products, including mops, brushes, brooms and cleaning cloth’s, the only problem with these products is that they require the hard work of a human to make your home lovely and clean.

Well Vileda have now eliminated the human factor and designed a top rate robotic vacuum that will do all the hard work for you, remotely and on auto pilot, so you you can get on with the more important things in life.

Vileda’s in depth knowledge of the cleaning business, means that they know what works and what doesn’t and they have crammed all of their extensive expertise into this mini marvel of robotic technology.

The Vileda Robotic Vacuum Cleaner features all of the hi-tech cleaning abilities of its much more expensive rivals, including an intelligent navigation system, rotating side brushes and an innovative 3 step cleaning system, which will keep your home free of particles, dust and pet hair.


Main Features of the Vileda Cleaning Robot include:


  • powerful side brushes
  • intelligent navigation system
  • removable dust container
  • rechargeable battery pack
  • comes ready assembled
  • amazingly affordable price



check price read reviews at amazon


ROBOT CLEANER – Remote Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Wireless Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Looking suitably futuristic, this economy robot vacuum wouldn’t look out of place on the set of the next sci-fi blockbuster and its cleaning abilities are also out of this world.

Its sturdy over-sized brushes are capable of digging deep into carpet fibres, dragging out all of that hard to reach debris that can accumulate in even the cleanest of homes.

Couple this with a powerful vacuum that sucks the life out of your carpets and you have an excellent cleaning machine at your disposal but hurry because this little cleaning bot has only made it onto the under £200 page because it has been heavily discounted, expect it to go up in price again in the very near future.


check price read reviews at amazon


iRoboVac XD Robot Vacuum Cleaner


iRoboVac XD


The iRoboVac XD Robot Vacuum with its Intelligent Space Recognition, Quiet Operation and Extra Long Life Battery, has only just made it past the sub £200 barrier and we don’t understand how the manufacturers have managed to cram all of this expensive technology into a budget priced machine.

To start with the iRoboVac XD features an impressive UV eye which emits a UV beam capable of destroying the reproductive cycle of bacteria, a feature usually only found on robot cleaners that cost at least twice as much as this robotic marvel.

Couple this with a new and improved mop setting and you have an advanced robot vacuum that is more than capable of beating its more expensive cousins on both price and performance.


check price read reviews at amazon


Santa is Dead! Xmas Gifts to be delivered by Amazon’s Flying Robot Drones.

amazon prime air delivery drone

amazon delivery drone


Jeff Bezos the mastermind behind the Internet’s biggest department store Amazon, has unveiled ambitious plans to kill off Santa and his Christmas reindeer delivery team by replacing them with flying robot drones.

It may sound like the stuff of science fiction but the Amazon CEO says ‘it’s coming sooner than you think’ and the Internet shopping giant has already started testing out their new way of delivering your online order’s, by using the hi-tec flying machines, which will navigate autonomously to your home by using the Global Positioning System (GPS).


Amazon Flying Drones

Bezos showed off the new unimaginatively named ‘Octocopters’ and said the goal of ‘Prime Air’ is to get a package delivered to your doorstep within half an hour of placing your order.

Bezos told a news programme that the drones should be capable of carrying a weight of up to five pounds, which covers almost 86% of the items Amazon delivers today but he does admit there could be teething problems with the audacious plan, including the small matter of obtaining the necessary permissions from the USA’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

However Bezos remained optimistic about his most recent brain wave and said that he expects the delivery drones to be flying high within the next four or five years, Bezos said “it will work and it will happen and its going to be a lot of fun.”

If Prime Air does turn into a reality Rudolph and his co-horts will be heading down to the nearest job centre, probably alongside millions of delivery drivers and associated co-workers, who will all become surplus to requirements and just another victim in the relentless progress of technology.


Amazon Prime Air

You could be forgiven for thinking that this article is just a figment of our artificial imagination, so if you don’t believe us feel free to check out Prime Air on the official Amazon web site.

amazon prime air


Orbotix Unleash Augmented Reality Games for Sphero the Robotic Ball

augmented reality games for sphero

augmented reality games for sphero

Orbotix the company behind the worlds first remote controlled robot ball Sphero, have unleashed two highly impressive augmented reality games for the robotic toy, turning Sphero into a fully fledged gaming system, compatible with iOS and Android based devices.

If you are not familiar with Sphero (shame on you) it’s the robot toy you can control with your iPhone, iPad or Android enabled device, which already boasts an impressive library of free App’s available from the  iTunes App Store and Google Play for Android.

If you don’t own a Sphero as yet, check out our Sphero Price Comparison Guide to ensure you get this impressive robot gadget at the best possible price.

Now let’s take a look at the games …


The Rolling Dead

the virtual zombie apocalypse has arrived



If you are missing the Walking Dead TV series, it’s time to whip out your iPad or Android device and turn your living room into a virtual zombie infested battle ground by playing the Rolling Dead.

By simply viewing the world through your devices camera lens, the humble little Sphero robot turns into a fire ball spitting zombie killing machine.

The augmented reality allows you to see the zombie hoardes all around you, as you operate Sphero, destroying zombies and picking up essential power ups and ammo in a battle for survival between the robot and the undead.

If you have been thinking about buying a Sphero, the Rolling Dead should convince you that your life is really not complete without one.

The Rolling Dead is available to download FREE for iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android right now.


Sharky the Beaver

for iPhone, iPod and iPad


sharky the beaver


This is really gonna blow your mind, watch your robot ball morph into a cup cake eating beaver in front of your very eyes, withot taking any hallucinogenic pharmaceuticals whatsoever.

Sharky is the first three dimensional virtual pet, who has been given a life of his own in this ground-breaking augmented reality app, watch in awe as this crazy beaver goes walkabout around your home, devouring cup cakes as he goes and getting into all the usual mischief a real life beaver does, whatever that may be.

Orbotix are seriously pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the iPad, iPhone, or iPod when combined with the robotic intelligence of Sphero the robot ball.

For iPhone and iPod or iPad (not compatible with Android devices as yet).